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Social Cognitive Neuroscience – NeuroWisdom 101 Mark Waldman

NeuroWisdom 101 and Cognitive Neuroscience

There are many places where you might have heard of or met renown neuroscientist Mark Waldman.
Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Mark Waldman
I first met him as one of the coaches in John Assaraf´s program Winning the Game of Money Game of Money. Soon I learned that Mark Waldman is not only a leader in neurosciences but also a splendid coach. I dug deeper into his offering and here is what I learned:
Do you find yourself a little bit in the question below?
Do fear and stress dominate your thoughts and feelings? Does it take control of your life and affect your actions every day? These things can leave you paralyzed and feel trapped.
Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom might be the answer. Let us have a closer look at how NeuroWisdom 101 will help break with counterproductive thinking and aid in eliminating negative thoughts about yourself that are holding you back.

What Is Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom 101?

This revolutionary program was created by Mark Robert Waldman, who is a leader in neuroscience research.
NeuroWisdom 101 is the direct result of 10 years of his research in discovering ways to improve brain health and the most efficient way to do this. It has 58 Simple Micro-Exercises that help you replace the self-limiting fears and doubts with emotional resilience, positivity, and work satisfaction.It is based on a model of human awareness the incorporates over 31,000 studies from renown institutes like the National Library of Medicine. This program teaches you how to access increasingly higher states of consciousness and brain activity, This program will teach you how to apply core strategies of cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and brain-training to all aspects of your life.
Mark Waldman put together a collection of meditations, exercises, and lessons that are proven scientifically to improve all areas of perception, memory, cognition, and also improve your health.
Some of the things you will learn with this program are:
  • Turning obstacles into allies
  • Improve the effectiveness and quality of your meditation
  • Learn how to deal with difficult emotions
  • Reduce your physical pain
  • Increase your work productivity
  • Learn how to eliminate stress and worry
  • Helps to find happiness
  • Improve your relationships
Some of the other great things that you will experience with NeuroWisdom101 are:
You will
  • Discover purpose and your true meaning in life
  • Change your negativity into dedicated optimism
  • Acquire more peace and joy in your life
  • Get rid of worry, self-doubt, and stress
  • Build cooperation and trust with other people
  • Improve communication at work and home
  • Optimize neural functioning, life satisfaction, and longevity
  • Discover and use the intuitive wisdom and creativity of your brain

Why NeuroWisdom 101 for social cognitive neuroscience?

Our brains have well over 85 billion neurons that are continually connecting and disconnecting every day. What I think is fascinating, is a slight part of our frontal lobes, handle our self-awareness and the many choices we make. However, what we believe and think has the power to change the functioning and structure of other parts of our brain.
Pain, hurt, failure cause certain neuronal pathways to form that force us to react a certain way. This way is often counterproductive and also referred to as Emotional Intelligence.

New neuronal pathways will be formed

This 8-week program will enable you to change your mindset to experience more happiness, mindfulness, positivity and be more accepting of others, yourself and circumstances. By committing to your daily goals, you will be able to make decisions based on your core values. It will help you to deepen your meditative state at any moment and realize that the words “I’ve changed my mind” has a whole new meaning. This is the ONE brain training program that is
  • Endorsed by leading universities
  • Based on extensive research
  • Endorsed by peer-reviewed studies and worldwide experts
  • Guaranteed to improve clarity, mood, and performance
  • Working with only investing 20 minutes a day for eight weeks
People spend thousands of dollars each year on business coaches and therapists that take months and years to complete. With NeuroWisdom101, you will permanently change your brain and life in just eight weeks. I highly recommend this program if you want to eliminate those inner voices that keep you from having it all and transform your mindset today.
The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and on your right (side of this post) you will find a free eBook as well.
30-day money back? Yawn...everyone offers that. Here is the difference in Mark Waldman´s: He wants you to return the program if it is not the BEST program you have ever used.
If you already know that this program is what you need and for even more information click on the brain below:
 NeuroWisdom101 Mark Waldman
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Why the law of attraction does not work for you

What if the law of attraction fails?

Multidimensional Awareness Coaching

Does that sound like you?
    Multidimensional Awareness, Law of Attraction
  • You understand the law of attraction
  • You do think positive
  • You apply the rules for success
  • You continuously improve your skill set
  • Your goals are set and you have a plan
  • You don´t or hardly ever procrastinate
But still you are struggling in your career or your goal achievement.

That is when you need a multidimensional awareness coach you can help you pinpoint the blocker.

The law of attraction works

Possible reasons that it does not work for you yet are:

  • You are too impatient. For some people changes can happen overnight - for some it takes longer. The fact of the matter is that it takes 90 days to retrain your brain. Allow some time for new neuronal pathways to form
  • You never fully believed in the law of attraction to start with or you do not think you can truly attract what you are aiming for (feeling of self-worth!). It is not enough to say: I believe. You have to believe it with every cell of your body for it to manifest - your brain will know the difference
  • Your affirmations are wrong. You might use affirmations that are to monetary and concrete and your subconscious will always tell you "no you don´t." An example would be: "I am a billionaire". The universe has a zillion ways to get you what you want. Do not try to be too concrete about the "how" and limit the ways of the universe to give you what you ask for
  • Emotional Intelligence. You still think about things that have gone wrong in the past. Even if you think: THIS is not going to happen again it is a negative thought and order in the "eyes" of your brain
  • You do not have a personal coach. You can learn a lot from books and online training - but you have nobody who could help you identify the reason for the blockage
  • Something in your surroundings is contra productive. That could be anything that makes you unhappy and troubles you. A relationship that does not work or trouble at the job, too many negative people around you. We cannot change every situation overnight. But we can set goals and quantify the time we need to stay in a situation that does not please us
  • You might be making excuses without being aware of it (i.e.: It takes money to make money. Not true. It takes commitment and persistence!)
  • You do not take action. Life´s don´t change by sitting on the couch and visualizing dollar bills
I take classes at least twice a year. I believe to advance or even stay on the same level you constantly have to work on your skill set. Just like you see something you missed the first times when you watched your favorite movie repeating classes will always get your further. Not only because repetition is needed to learn. You constantly change too. That is why sometimes a movie you loved in the past now seems silly to you. Or why you can hear or understand things different the second time you go through training. 

Currently, I am in "Winning the Game of Money". In September, my next station will be Seattle for a Mike Bosworth Leadership training. 

Part of Winning the Game of Money is access to a closed group on Facebook. Everyone can post about their success, struggles, and worries. 

I am amazed how many people do not seem to realize that they are still negative. 

Enough about me - back to you. I was just making the point that I take my own medicine (;

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Recommended online course (and free live event) Winning the Game of Money/Winning the Game of Fear brainathon

Let´s get you back on the path to abundance and happiness!

Never give up -  I believe in you. 

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John Assaraf Brainathon Reviews

John Assaraf Brainathon Differences and Reviews

Are you wondering what the difference between John Assaraf three Brainathons is? All three are excellent resources for improving different aspects of your life. However, each one is designed to help in specific areas. 
Today, I’ll be looking at the Brainathon reviews, and pointing out the difference between three of the Brainathons. 
Even when it comes to joining the free events, it is an investment. Of your time. Let us find out which program/free event is the best one for your goals and gives you the best ROT:

Winning The Game Of Money

Winning The Game of Money by John Assaraf, is a program that is designed to help retrain your brain to achieve higher levels of confidence, financial, business and life success, and personal power. Some of the things that this particular program is meant to do through brain training are:
  • Increases your wealth levels
  • Teaches your brain by retraining, to create wealth and income
  • Help you to get over obstacles that are stopping you from making the income you deserve
  • Does not require a lot of time 
  • Help achieve higher levels of career and personal success
  • Features the most advanced positive psychology, meditations and brain research
Winning the Game of Money Review HERE Reserve your spot for the free Live Event HERE

Winning The Game Of Weight Loss

Winning The Game of Weight Loss, differs from Winning The Game of Money, in that it helps people who are struggling with their weight loss goals through brain training. There are patterns around or eating habits that are unconscious, and these patterns prevent people from losing weight. Things that this program specifically target through brain training are:
  • Help you to reset your inner weight
  • Helps you to reshape your self-image and body, allowing you to be more energetic and empowered 
  • Guides you to recognize and release all the triggers that cause you to eat emotionally 
More about Winning the Game of Weight Loss HERE Reserve your Spot in the free Live Event HERE

Winning The Game Of Fear

Winning The Game of Fear is different from the other two brainathons in that it is specially designed to release you from the fears. Fears that you hold in your subconscious and are limiting your growth in many areas of your life. Some of the beautiful things that this program will teach you are:
  • Helps to eliminate the fears the we are aware of and those that aren’t quite as obvious (those embedded deep in our psyche)
  • Help get rid of the fears that we acquire as children and also as adults
  • Allows you to access parts of the brain that holds people stuck and enables them to move forward
  • Helps you recognize the unconscious and conscious fears that are keeping from achieving what you want and deserve
  • Reorganize your inner dialog and story
  • Helps you to release the fears and then retrains your brain
  • Help release some of your old fears and retrain your brain
So, as you can see each of these programs do specific things to move you beyond specific problems you may be having in your personal and financial life. Each one uses a different brain training method to achieve its specific objective. 
Winning the Game of Fear Review HERE Reserve your spot for the free Live Event HERE

What all Brainathons have in common

  • Each one gives you the chance to network with people that are like-minded from around the world
  • Help change the beliefs and story about what is holding you back
  • Helps boost your certainty and confidence that will allow you to gain your lifestyle and business goals. 
  • Lets you implement new, healthy habits
  • Team of industry experts
  • Unconditional 30-day back guarantee

Which Brainathon is right for you?

No matter which one of these programs you choose to undertake, you can see from the brainathon review, that they will all help you immensely in the particular area that you need to improve. 
If you are having financial problems and aren’t sure why or are repeating the same mistakes over and over, you might want to try the Winning The Game of Money.
If you have fears that are holding you back or don’t even know what is holding you back, try the Winning The Game of Fear. 
Struggling with weight loss? You would benefit from Winning The Game of Weight Loss. It’s your choice. 

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Neurogym´s Winning the Game of Weight Loss arrived!

Details about Winning the Game of Weight Loss

Before You Can Lose The Weight, You Have To Lose The Fear

Winning the Game of Weight Loss John Assaraf NeuroGymHave you ever wondered why your diets fail and not only fail, but you seem to then add on extra pounds?  Think about all the celebrities that have lost weight over and over again, gaining it back each time.  Remember the struggles of Christina Aguilera?  How about Kirstie Alley?  If you recall correctly, these women have lost weight and gained it back, plus some, multiple times. Why? Surprisingly enough, the secret may not be restricting calories or exercising.  The secret is losing the fear that is holding you back from losing that fat. Luckily for you, there is a  FANTASTIC webinar called Winning The Game Of Weight Loss.  This webinar will teach you to retrain your brain and get rid of the self-doubt.

It’s the fear and lack of confidence that is ultimately holding you back from being successful in your weight loss attempts. 

NeuroGym’s John Assaraf

Will be presenting the webinar and will teach you how to retrain your brain through scientifically proven methods.  It will teach you:
  • How to get rid of the triggers and excuses that cause you to delay your weight loss and become proactive in taking the correct steps toward having a body that is healthy
  • The science behind the unconscious patterns around your behaviors and habits preventing you from becoming healthier. 
  • Techniques to recognize, reset and release emotional and mental hurdles and create the behaviors and attitudes of people that are healthy. 
  • How you can create the environment and time in your daily life to achieve the health goals you have set. 
NeuroGym is leading the forefront of creating brain transforming technology to maximize people’s performance and potential.  By retraining our brains and brain waves, we are able to restructure our neural system and achieve what we want.

What Are Your Fears That Are Holding You Back?

Have you ever thought about this?  Many people don’t and think they are doing everything right and what they have been told by exercising and eating properly.  But the one thing you are not doing, is having the mindset to change your body image and free yourself of the fears that unconsciously are holding you back.

Let’s look at some of those fears are keeping from losing it.

Fear of yourself

One fear is the fear of becoming a person that you might not like or someone else. The fear of becoming who you truly are and not being able to hide behind the fat.  Maybe sometimes you tell yourself when you are upset or sad, that it would certainly be better if you weren’t ugly and fat. That’s a very easy way to put the blame on your feelings on something else, and without the fat you are carrying around, you will have to figure out what’s really wrong.  That is very scary!  So by living with the fear of losing fat and becoming your true self, you can  hold back from losing the weight because you may not really know who your true self is yet.

Fear of other people

Another fear may be the fear of what others will think, do or say.  You might be worried that people will like you less because they may be jealous or expect more from you.  Some people will ask for more, and you have to learn how to say no in a manner that is respectful.  If you haven’t learned that, it may be a problem for you. When you have lost the weight and your body has changed, you may attract some new people and that may be very scary for some people.  Basically, the fear of others is the fear of surrounding different and changing views on you.  It will lead you to new situations that are new to you and you may not know what to do or how to act.

The fear of failure

This is a very big fear when it comes to weight loss. Sometimes people have tried to lose weight before and have not been successful.  So, why would it work this time?  You might as well give up before you even start.  You won’t fail if you don’t try, right?  There are a lot of people that are paralyzed by this fear.  One thing that is for sure is that if you aren’t willing to try, you are certainly not going to change anything.

Before You Can Lose The Weight, You Have To Lose The Fear

This is where this webinar comes in.  It is going to teach you to train your brain to release these fears and think differently about your body image and how you think about yourself.  It’s worth your time and effort to learn a new way of thinking with this new technology that will blow you away.

Winning the Game of Weight Loss Quick Review

Winning the Game of Weight Loss offers
  1. A free live event
  2. The full program
A detailed review of the full program will follow shortly. 

What can you expect in NeuroGyms free live Brain-A-Thon?

  • Usable knowledge. Not just teasers. While best results are being achieved when attending the full program, the free live event can stand on its own
  • 80 % knowledge / 20 % Sales pitch. That is a pretty good percentage, isn´t it?
  • A panel of experts
  • Evidence-based success stories
  • Great energy from thousands of other attendees
  • Live Chat
  • A new approach that finally focuses on the most important factor of weight loss, the brain
This program is not selling subscriptions, diet pills or powders. It does not promote a new wonder diet. 
What it does deliver is a holistic approach to weight loss, that helps you to change the beliefs and habits that kept you from a) losing the weight or b) keeping it off. 
The changes you need to implement will feel natural and easier than before. 
Reserve your spot in the free event and find out for yourself. Free Webinar

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Winning the Game of Weight Loss, John Assaraf

Why “Winning The Game Of Weight Loss” Is The Best Way To Start A Diet

I wrote before about Winning The Game Of Weight Loss, being the best way to lose weight if you have been struggling. We talked about the fears that you may have that are in the way of you losing weight. Not only can this program aid in your journey of weight loss, it can be THE BEST way to start a diet. On Set
Winning the Game of Weight Loss, John Assaraf

What is Winning The Game Of Weight Loss?

This program is a 12 level weight loss system that retrains your brain. It will help reshape and re-script your self-image and body to help empower you. It will help you recognize and let go of the excuses, triggers and stories the keep you from losing weight. It also teaches you to reset the inner set point in relationship to weight, so you are able to lose weight and keep it off. So, if Winning The Game Of Weight Loss retrains the brain, let’s look at why it is the best way to start a diet and why your mindset in throughout is so critical in success of your diet.

What Is A Mindset

Basically, mindsets are our beliefs about ourselves and you basic qualities. Mindsets fall into two categories, growth-oriented and fixed.
  • Fixed mindset brains think that talent creates success and only talent. When this kind of mindset is challenged, they often take the easy way out to avoid embarrassment and failure. 
  • Growth mindset brains think they are able to improve their abilities and are able to create successes by practicing, learning and hard work.When they are faced with a challenge, they take it on full force even at the risk of failure. They will embrace failure because they are aware that they will be learning a valuable lesson from the failure.
Which mindset are you? Are you more of a fixed mindset? This kind of mindset will absolutely sabotage your diet before you even begin. Let’s look at how using Winning The Game Of Weight Loss will help you retrain your brain into a mindset that will set you up for success from the start.

How Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Can Help

With this program, you will be given the chance to learn the most scientifically and advanced proven strategies and methods to first set and then achieve your goals involving weight loss. This is done by being in control of your self-worth, emotions, habits, overall health, decisions, and wellbeing. Here is an excerpt of what is included into the full program: Winning the Game of Weight Loss Review As you can see when looking at this list, there are many different speakers giving great training for your mindset and how to retrain it to start and maintain a successful weight loss program. Please note that the live event you can sign up to below is and always will be free.

To sum things up

If you are in the fixed mindset and you know it, you need to change the way you think in order to be successful in any weight loss plan you embark upon.
With the help of John Assaraf’s Winning The Game Of Weight Loss, you will free yourself of these negative thoughts that are holding you back and go forward in the best way to start a diet and maintaining your weight loss goals.
Sign up to the free event HERE
Read more HERE HERE and HERE

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About Mike Bosworth / Story Seekers


Mike Bosworth Leadership Solution Selling

How I met Mike (Solution Selling)

Mike´s current program is called Story Seekers (read below). I first met him back in ´96 when I was fortunate enough to attend his famous Solution Selling training. You probably have heard of Solution Selling; maybe you were not aware that Mike Bosworth is the creator.

I value Mike as one of the best Sales Trainer there is and like and respect him as a person. You should see a player on top with a few interviews of Mike.

While Mike moved on to his current program, Story Seekers, the Solution Selling book is still available. Read more HERE.

Mike Bosworth Story Seekers
Mike is on the very right of the monkey chain

Mike Bosworth is a keynote speaker, author and offers public workshops as well as workshops for cooperations.

His customer list includes companies like IBM, SAS Institute, Salesforce, and many others. The typical student profile includes Board Members, CEO´s, Key Account Manager, Sales Manager.

That is historical though. The program helps anyone to sell better. And are we not all always selling?

Mike was never aiming to be exclusive to the Top Management Levels. It just happened. Anyone can benefit from this program at any stage of life. The principles apply to better communication in fights with your partner or influencing your teenage kid to head of a top Fortune 500 company.

Please see my pledge to make his wisdom available to everyone at the end of this post!

About Mike Bosworth (Michael T Bosworth)

While he was in college (California State Polytechnic University Pomona) Xerox recruited him via on-campus interview. He worked in an IT data center while in college. 

Mike was also one who knew how to party hard. 

In 1972 started off as a support person in the computer services for Xerox.  In 1975, he was their top salesperson, and in 1979, he managed the “Branch of the Year”.  After that, he was promoted to nationwide field manager. He became the top field manager.

While having great success at Xerox, he learned that 20 % of the Sales People accounted for 80 % of the Sales. He developed a methodology to enable Sales People to sell complex solutions to corporations. One of his first clients was IBM, who had trouble with their Sales People as they used to be very technical and feature driven.

He then became the Sales trainer of Xerox. Very rarely you find successful Sales Managers who are good mentors and trainer.

He founded and trademarked Solution Selling in 1983.  The mission at that time was to assist the bottom 80% to create buyers.

This company soon became the most widely used method within the information technology industry. Particularly in the area of complex solutions like BI, Data Mining, etc.

Michael Bosworth is recognized as a leader in the field of sales for the last few decades.  In additions to being an author, he is a trainer, entrepreneur, and speaker.  His best-selling books include;

  • Solution Selling: Creating Buyers In Difficult Selling Markets
  • Co-author in Customer Centric Selling
  • Co-author in What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and The Power of Story

Mike Bosworth Review What is Story Seekers?

What he realized in 2008, was that there still existed a ‘missing link’ about understanding why a small amount of Sales People was generating a large percentage of revenue.

After research into the methods of these top sales people, he gained new insights into the best way to connect, influence and inspire others.

He founded Mike Bosworth Leadership in 2013.  

The program is designed to train leaders and salespeople in using Story Tending and Story Telling to gain trust and connection with subordinates and buyers.

Let Mike explain it to you: Have a look at his latest appearance at a TEDx event on June 16th, 2015. Expertise can be your enemy:

The reason Mike sounded rather short of breath and energy is a sad one. He has a rare blood clotting disorder that he manages without any trouble 99 % of the time.

This past summer he made three long-distance trips in a row. Prague, Poland, Singapore. Something went wrong with the blood thinner shots. He did the TED Talk 2 days after returning from Singapore.

Unaware that at the time of the talk blood clots had migrated into his lungs. He was emergency airlifted off Orcas Islands and barely survived.

I bet you are as lucky as I am that he did. And that he is here to teach you how to become a Sales Superstar. Just like he helped so many others.

The next public workshop happens in Seattle in July. If you own a corporation or work for one, Mike does company workshops too.

Do me one favor: If you would be interested in an online training of Mike, please drop me an Email at "hello at aurorasa dot com" or leave a comment. I would love to have that, and I am working on convincing Mike.

His teachings should be available to anyone. Check him out yourself - You should see an audio player on top.

As always thanks for reading and grab a few books on your way to the next post (: Widgets

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