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Best LOA, Success Coaching Affiliate Programs

LOA, Success Coaching, Brain Training Affiliate Programs

Aurorasa Coaching - Aurorasa Sima & Dr. Mark Goulston

Auroasa Coaching - Aurorasa Sima & Dr. Mark Goulston ACCESS
Dream Builder Affiliate - Mary Morrissey
Mary Morrissey is a driving force in the personal development area. As the quality of her work speaks for itself the conversion rates and most importantly number of raving success stories are very high. ACCESS

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5 Habits that Damage your Brain

5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain

Self-help books, media, tv shows - on a daily basis we receive wellness and health tips for different areas. Shouldn´t we give the 46 ounces of nerve cells the same level of attention we give the rest of our bodies? Your brain will love the following tips:

1. Use salt sparingly

I do not want to be the bearer of bad news again after recommending to remove sugar from your diet but sodium is another "bad guy" that needs some attention. 5 Habits that damage your Brain JAMA Neurology published a study that came to the conclusion that sodium is one of the factors that promotes high blood pressure. Studies prove without a doubt that sodium is a major contributor to high blood pressure. A high blood pressure will increase the susceptibility for cognitive decline. On average the mental decline caused by high blood pressure was rather small but high blood pressure also increases the likelihood of suffering a stroke. Most of the time a stroke causes severe brain damage.  

2. Get enough sleep

Slowly, we are starting to understand the full impact of sufficient sleep on our brain health. How important recuperative and recreative sleep is, clearly shows when we did not sleep enough. Irritability and concentration problems are obvious consequences, but a lack of sleep also affects our memory. In addition to that, a lack of sleep has negative long-term consequences. While we sleep our brain removes degradation products. If the length of sleep is not sufficient, these degradation products can lead to inflammatory processes that impact the brain health negatively.

3. Protect your hearing

Our ears are one of the organs that suffer most from environmental changes. A few generations ago, church bells were probably the loudest sound. Nowadays our ears are exposed to constant background noises and loud sounds. From the noise in a club, headsets to traffic noise - our ears hardly get a break. The number of people with hearing impairment is on the rise. A study of the John Hopkins University showed that hearing impaired people have a 30 - 40 % higher chance to suffer cognitive declines. Therefore, it is recommended to protect your ears as much as you can. Meditation also is a great form of treating your body and mind to silence.  

4. Mind your weight

Did you know that healthy weight is a big contributor to your brain health?
Winning the Game of Weight LossIn 2012 Neurology (a leading specialist magazine) published a long-term study. 6000 participants, on average 50 years old, have been examined for their cognitive functions. 10 years later the participants have been examined again. Overweight participants showed a 22 % larger decline in cognitive abilities than participants with normal weight.  

5. Maintain friendships

A person with few social contacts is not necessarily lonely. A person in a huge crowd of people can feel lonely. The number of "likes" on social media is not reflecting the number of meaningful relationships a person has.
As with many things in life, it is about quality and not quantity.
Loneliness leads to stress that can promote inflammatory processes in the brain. A study by the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago came to the result that of 1000 participants (aged over 80) the ones with the least amount of social contacts showed the largest cognitive decline.
Our brain health depends on many factors. Some factors we cannot influence - like our genetic disposition. Others are in our control.
The purpose of this article is to remind you that your brain is a precious treasure that needs your attention just like other parts of your body.
Read more brain, weight loss and health articles HERE

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Ultimate Success Masterclass Review, Mind Movies

Is Ultimate Success Masterclass Natalie Ledwell Scam?

What is Mind Movies USM good for?

Ultimate Success Masterclass Review by Natalie LedwellWe all aspire to be successful, and we wish to achieve our goals. But most of us don't get anywhere near our goals and success is still out of hand. Sure, one may have some wealth, but the thing is, if you don't achieve your goals and become successful, not only financially, but also mentally and socially, everything becomes insignificant.

Without achieving your goals, you feel empty and while you may be in a stable place in life, it isn't where you want to be. You want to be out there, achieving your goals. For example, you may want to start a company, and may already be at a well-paying job.

True determination is to quit your job and pursue your business, but most don't have the courage to do so. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should be reckless, which can result in financial instability.

Is Mind Movies Ultimate Success Masterclass Legit?

The claims are realistic and the deliverables deliver to the claim. It is a legit approach to implementing the Law of Attraction into your life and achieving your goals.

In the last months, I have attended and evaluated a lot of success programs and found this one of best three. Many programs will try to convince you that you just have to sit in a corner, visualize fast cars and they will be parked in front of your house on the very next day.

This is not how it works.

What you need to do is to follow through on your goals, one step at a time, without compromising anywhere.

For this, I tried out Natalie Ledwell's Ultimate Success Masterclass and found myself impressed. Don't expect it to buy it and change your life just by entering your credit card number. You will need to implement its advice, and you will start seeing everything turn out for the better.

What this Masterclass does, in a nutshell, is to help you think clearly, focus and teach you how to move forward on your goals. It walks the narrow line between being successful and being reckless.

And this is done through a variety of modules with easy to understand videos, audios, mentoring and worksheets. Each module is a phase in the process, and once you complete a module, you are that much better than before to take on challenges.

I do like that extensive free options are available that can stand on its own and that allow you to form an educated opinion on whether this program is right for you.

At the point of this review (gifts and bonuses are subject to changes) you will receive a $97 gift just for attending the free live event. At this time, you also receive a generous gift just for signing up to the live seminar.

The main points of the program are:

  • Allows you to discover your limiting beliefs and teaches how to eliminate them. 
  • Techniques that will allow you to replace limiting (negative) beliefs with positive reinforcement.
  • You will learn how to make your desires and dreams your new status quo while staying focused.
  • Close mentoring by Natalie and other industry experts will make sure you will achieve your goals.
  • You will not just learn how to set goals. You will learn how to see them through. 

What is included in the USM program?

With four major phases to master over 90 days, the Ultimate Success Masterclass consists of a modular system with exercises after each module, that allow you to see where you are standing.

Should you ever run into problems, you will be thankful for Natalie lurking around the forums, always ready to help out. You will not need to spend a lot of time doing it, since a mere 10 minutes each day can help you become stronger mentally and better-equipped to achieve your goals.

You will receive:

  • Video Lessons, eBooks, mp3 audio files, worksheets. It is an extensive 12-module set. 
  • Access to a private member forum where you can mastermind with a very active community of like-minded achievers.
  • Weekly Seminars with Natalie. Those contain Q&A sessions, where you will get answers to your individual questions. 
  • Email, Phone or Text support from Natalie (Yes. Not some Zendesk person who has no idea). 

The current bonuses include: 
  • Mind Movies. Mind Movies is a world famous revolutionary creation kit and comes with an extensive library of motivating images, powerful affirmations, and inspirational music. With this tool, you can create your own vision board or just get clear on your desires and goals for the future

Bonuses are subject to changes and you will receive more bonuses than mentioned here. Full list of current bonuses: 
Mind Movies Ultimate Success Masterclass


  • Personal support from Natalie
  • Evidence proven methods that have helped thousands and thousands of people
  • Access to a lively community with like-minded people
  • The Masterclass doesn't just cover how to be successful but also has some great tips on stress management
  • Truly outstanding support. You get answers by real people sometimes in as soon as 30 minutes. Live phone support is available as well. 
  • 60-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee
  • Payment plan available


  • The program requires that you put in a bit of work to implement the changes
  • Only available in English 


Ultimate Success Masterclass is a set of tools that will allow you to change your life for the better and take control for your fate.

I found it very inexpensive in relation to the large set of deliverables. Natalie is a completely believable, grounded, likable person. Her positive energy and aura sets her apart from many other industry experts.

Besides the quality of the product what stands out is the level and speed of support, that is way over the industry average. I am sure you have had it happen too that you purchase a success program and later find out that the support is just bad.

Maybe you felt like: YOU want to teach me how to create a successful business and about positivity when you are not even willing or able to handle customers support request?

In my personal opinion, this program is awesome for women who want to improve on any of these levels: Success, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Stress Reduction, Self-Esteem. The personal support and access to the user community and even Natalie is an invaluable additional feature.

For the tough money-minded business guy, I would recommend a different program (see below) or check out the free event HERE.

Don´t get me wrong. This program will deliver on its claim. I am trying to explain to which type of person it will appeal most.  It is a bit "lovey lovey" and people who are into that will feel much better than with a rather tough program,  like the training suggested above.

Both approaches work. It is a matter on which style is more yours.

Does that make sense?

Currently the program is priced at $1.997. Make sure you enter through free event first (click on the picture below) to receive a discount of up to 50 %. The discount on the tuition is time limited so that it is advisable to act now.

This program deserves 9/10

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Free gifts from Mind Movies
- Success Blocker Quiz
- Episode of Natalie´s Inspiration Show 

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