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Avoiding Job Burnout – What you need to know

Job Burnout Signs / Recovery / How to Avoid

Avoiding Job BurnoutJob burnout or the burnout syndrome has become a widespread disease in the industrialized world. Since 1990, the number of sick leaves for emotional distress has more than doubled. Job stress has been declared one of the biggest threats of the century by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Competing for attention in a world of electronic and "social" media adds to the problem.

Even though performance-oriented people are most likely to suffer from a burnout it is not just a "manager problem". A burnout can hit anyone. People with the helper syndrome are also vulnerable for burnouts.

The number of job burnouts is constantly increasing. Many people underestimate the danger of this condition. Also, men often feel embarrassed to admit to themselves and others that they might need help. "I do not have time for this." "I cannot afford a time-out at this point of my career." "I am not mental."

Especially people who are worried about their careers should take action at the first signs of a potential burnout. The soul always strikes back when ignored. Even harder. 

Burnout is a serious disease. But it is often perceived as a "get your act together" type of thing. Even depression, a condition 5 % of people are suffering from, is often not accepted by society as a serious disease. As always, acceptance is a matter of awareness and awareness requires information. 

Job burnouts do not happen overnight. In a slow process, they creep into our lives. Let´s shed some light on
  • What is a burnout
  • Why does it happen
  • What are the symptoms
  • How can I prevent a burnout
  • How can I find out if I am at risk
  • Recovery from burnout

A Burnout is a serious condition. This information does not contain medical advice and it does not replace a doctor's visit. The information in this article is for information purposes only and must not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. 

Job Burnout Definition

While a job burnout often is accompanied by depression it is not the same, opposite to common belief.
  • The majority of burnouts are related to the job, but burnouts also happen to unemployed people.
  • A burnout just like the word says describes the feeling of being burnt out physically and emotionally. 
  • A burnout happens in various creeping phases. 

A lot of helpful books have been written on the topic.

What causes it?

Is burning out a matter of our personality or of our circumstances? Or is it a combination of both?

Some experts are of the opinion that burnouts are solely caused by external factors like stress and pressure at the workplace. 

The progression of the disease is influenced by the personality traits, but the origin and cause are external factors. 

Reasons for non-job-related burnouts include:
  • Stalking
  • Unemployment
  • Chronic stress (i.e. financial trouble over a longer period of time)

The common reasons for job burnouts are:
  • Stress caused by constant pressure though deadlines and challenging goals
  • Fear of job loss
  • Lack of recognition at the workplace
  • Mobbing
  • Inability to work in a team
  • Lack of positive feedback
  • Massed problems that are hard to influence
  • Pressure from superiors
  • Perfectionism
  • Administrative constrains
  • Excessive demands or too few demands
  • Missing agreement on objectives
  • Lack of resources (staff, budget)

Burnout Phases

Some experts divide the process into 5 phases, some experts into 3. Schaufeli, a renowned expert from the Netherlands, describes the three phases as follows:

Burnout Phase 1

Strong fluctuations in performance, motivation and power. Hyperactivity and total exhaustion take turns. 

Warning signals go unnoticed or are being ignored. During phase 1, a person continues to invest a maximum of energy into their tasks. In their time off, they continue to think about work. They feel the need to be efficient at all times and even in their spare time they continue their search for new ideas or a new solution for a problem. 

The line between work and time off fades. 

At first, they do not realize that missing recreational phases take their toll on the soul. Irritability, lack of patience, a more unpalatable tone towards colleagues can be warning signals. 

Burnout Phase 2

In this phase the person concerned gets more dull. He removes himself more and more and focuses on his work and tasks. 

Resignation starts to spread. A decrease of motivation and driving force is in sight. The performance starts to decrease. Small tasks start to seem exhausting. 

Burnout Phase 3

In this last phase, the person concerned isolated themselves. At the same time, the performance decreases more and more. 

Decreasing performance results in even less positive feedback and that leads to a dangerous downward spiral. Tasks that used to be easy have become big chores that require huge amounts of energy.  

The person feels like there is no way out of this vicious cycle.

Job Burnout Symptoms

Burnout symptoms are manifold. 


  • Frustration
  • Feeling of guilt
  • The feeling of discouragement and indifference
  • Resistance to go to work
  • Distrust, mistrust, and paranoid ideas
  • Mood swings


  • Concentration disorders
  • Projections
  • Rigid thinking and resistance against change


  • Nervous tics like i.e. nail-biting, scratching
  • Tension


  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • Hypersensitivity syndrome (MCS)
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Sexual problems
  • Extreme tiredness after work

Physical (in form of disease)

  • Frequent headaches
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent colds or flu
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

Physical reactions

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Increased pulse
  • Increased cholesterin level

Behavioral level / Behavioral level work related

  • Increased aggressivity
  • Excessive use of drugs, alcohol or coffee
  • Irregular or excessive food intake

  • Decreased efficency
  • Extended breaks
  • Turning up late to work or appointments

Social (clients/colleagues/at home)

  • Unable to focus on clients or listen to them
  • Client contacts skipped or delayed
  • Resistance against customer calls and appointments
  • Negative feelings/feeling of indifference towards clients

  • Isolation
  • Withdrawel
  • Avoidance of team meetings and discussions

  • Relationship problems
  • Loneliness

Attitude towards clients

  • Cynism
  • Stereotyping of clients
  • Reduced empathy
  • Black humor
  • Demonstration of powerlessness

Attitude towards the workplace

  • Negative work attitude
  • Desillusionment
  • Loss of idealism
  • Hyperactivity
  • Chronic fatigue and mental and physical exhaustion
  • Extreme focus on (a) specific goal(s)
  • Anxiety states
  • Inability to take responsibility (for failure)
  • Belittling others to look better and consequently
  • Often not liked by colleagues
  • Seeking distraction (often addiction) in gambling, drugs, internet, sex, alcohol
  • Lack of concentration, sleeping disorders
  • (Pseudo) tinnitus
  • Skipping off-days, breaks
  • Postpone their own needs
  • No (very few) social contacts outside of the workplace (avoidance)

Burnout Prevention

Basically, there are two kinds of things you can do: 
  • Change/remove the negative factors
  • Change the way you react to them
  • Change your mindset
Ok, that is three things. Even better, right?

Suppressing the symptoms (i.e. with pills) or ignoring them would only make matters worse.

Job related measures

If possible, involve your employer. Admitting "weakness" might seem like the wrong step for your career, but it is damage minimisation really. If you do not take action you could find yourself in a position that will be riskier for your career than suggesting certain changes and setting boundaries

No matter if you are a top manager, high performer, a stay-at-home mom or part of the service industry. It is your responsibility to suggest changes when something is off. 

Whether it is asking for more staff, realistic goals, additional training/tools, confronting a mobbing situation or asking for feedback - once you identified the negative factors in your working environment you can come up with suggestions and solutions. 

If you are not able to implement or suggest changes that allow you to be successful and healthy, it might be time to consider if owning this company or working for this company is the right long-term career, health and happiness strategy. 

Personal changes

  • Setting realistic goals. A good goal scares you a little bit but is neither too challenging nor too undemanding.
  • Positive thinking. The more you practice positive thinking, the more opportunities and resources that aid you and your goal you will see. Throughout this blog, you find recommendations for great tools and at the bottom of this article you will find a form to contact me. 
  • Relaxation. Whether it is through yoga, meditation, acupuncture or a neuroscientific approach. Calming your mind will help you to recreate.
  • Say NO. Often, problems are created by our inability to say "no". Setting limits and saying no can be a great step towards greater happiness - at your workplace and in your home. 
  • Success and life coaching with a personal coach or through a program. A burnout is always also a sign of a problem with the feeling of self-worth. A burnout also is a disease that changes your self-perceptions. There are tools and coaches that enable you to change that. The more you love yourself and deem yourself worthy, the easier it will become for you to change unhealthy behavioral patterns and circumstances.

Burnout Recovery

Recovery presupposes a diagnose. Many cannot recognize the feeling of being burnt out and physically and mentally exhausted as an actual burnout. 

What makes the disease even more difficult to diagnose is that it is a creeping process. Also, doctors and psychologists are not always burnout experts, so that the diagnose often takes some time. 

Several tests can help to distinguish depression from burnout. Especially in phase 3 the symptoms can look similar to a depression. 

In phase 2 and especially 3 it is time to immediately seek the help of a professional. At this point a spa weekend will not make it go away. Psychotherapy is needed. The good news is: Recovery is possible. 


People affected can be able to self-diagnose that they have a problem. That requires absolute honesty. 

Generally, self-diagnosis can not replace the diagnose by a qualified expert. 

To read articles like this can help you gaining a better understanding where you stand and whether you need to take action.  Once you identify a problem it is time to seek help.

Burnout Quick Test

Are you at risk of suffering a burnout? Depending on your results you might want to consider taking an in-depth test that takes about 30 minutes and/or seeking professional help.
var QuizWorks = window.QuizWorks || []; QuizWorks.push( [document.getElementById("embed-assessment-68247"), "assessment", "68247", { autostart: false, width: "100%", height: "640px" , adapter: "hubspot" }] );

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4 Myths about the Brain

Brain Facts or Misconceptions?

4 Myths about the Brain

4 Myths About The BrainDespite new scientific findings, myths are tenacious. Partly because new information takes a while to find their way into the media and the public eye. Maybe sometimes we want to believe them and do not care to dig into complex issues.

The following 4 myths about the human brain are very popular and common:

Myth 1 = We only use 10 % of our brain capacity

I am sure you heard very many times that you are only using a tiny part of your brain.

We are only using a very small portion of our brain capacity. Fact. We all have the potential for development. Fact.

Only the assumption is wrong. When our brain activity is being recorded via MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) only a small part of our brain is active. However, it is important to know that different parts of our brain are active at different times.

While our brain represents only 2 % of our total body mass it uses 20 % of the energy. Our body could not supply the energy necessary if all parts of the brain would be active at once.

Myth 2 - Everyone has a dominance of left or right brain hemisphere

Myths About The BrainA lot of websites claim that the main difference between people is whether the left or right brain hemisphere is dominating. And that their test can tell you which one you are.

An example for a test would be: Grab your nose. Which hand did you use? Left or right?

These tests are without any scientific basis.

There are in fact tools that appear more often in one or the other brain hemisphere. From these average values, it is impossible to conclude which brain hemisphere is the dominating one.

Myth 3 - There are differences between male and female brains

A female brain is very empathetic when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Also, languages are a particular skill of the female brain.

The strength of male brains is in the analytic field and mathematics.

If you were just nodding you are guilty of stereotyping (;

But is it not true that men in IQ tests always have better results in mathematic exercises while women excel in language skill tasks?

Self-fulfilling prophecies and a reflection of these stereotypes. We are conditioned to believe that male and female brains have different skills.

As part of studies conducted by neuroscientists, women have been confronted with words associated to masculinity prior to the tests.

In the following IQ tests, women scored the same results as men. They just believed less that they are inferior to men at mathematical tasks.

Myth 4 - The brain cannot be trained

You can´t teach an old dog new tricks. That´s what many people think about the human brain. The development of intelligence is an extremely complex matter and cannot be explained with dogs.
Brain Training

In principle, intelligence can be distinguished in a crystalline and fluid component. The crystalline intelligence stands for factual intelligence. In example knowledge on capital cities of the world.

The fluid intelligence relates to thinking processes we need for problem-solving. (I.e. deductive thinking.)

The crystalline intelligence can be improved life-long. Until a few years ago it was commonly believed that the fluid intelligence of a person starts decreasing from the twenties on. Newer scientific findings show that we can also train our fluid intelligence at any age.

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Recommended Webinar and Ressources:
Subliminal 360 Brain Training

My Best-Of List:
The best LOA, Success Coaching and Brain Training Programs

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Mary Morrissey Review – The DreamBuilder

Review of The DreamBuilder Program

Review of The DreamBuilder by Mary MorrisseyThe DreamBuilder by Marry Morrissey's Life Mastery Academy is a 90-day (120) system for professionals who want to dissolve success-blockers and make the life of their dreams their reality and status quo.

That sounds similar to what other programs claim. Can this one deliver?

DreamBuilder comes in two versions.
  • A live event
  • A program

This review is for the program. Please find the review of the live event HERE

The DreamBuilder - Life Mastery Institute Review

Life Mastery Review Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey is a spiritual life coach with over 40 years of professional experience. To learn more about Mary and her accolades, please read HERE

While her accolades are impressive (best-selling author, raving reviews and much more) they are not important for this review.

What matters right now is: Will this program enable YOU to transform YOUR life?

What is Mary Morrissey's DreamBuilder System?

It is a proven system to enable you to jumpstart the results you want to see.

While a lot of programs claim to teach you how to use the Universal Laws to your advantage, most of them fail at delivering the desired transformation. Many people nod and agree, but they do not seem to be able to apply it to their lives. Maybe you have been through a few programs yourself that you found motivating - but they did not have a major impact on your life. Is this your fault? Oh, no. It just probably was not a great system. 

Actually, it is a big problem of success and life coaching programs. Often, what coaches say is good and true. What they recommend you should do is correct. But converting the tools that enable others to implement the necessary changes into a product requires a different skill-set.

Also, a lot of rather shallow movies and programs led many to believe they can sit on their sofa, dream of a Ferrari and the next day it will be parked in front of their door. The Universe does not operate like a wishlist on a shopping site.

Mary´s approach is refreshingly different. She offers a structured approach that will work for beginners and advanced alike. It is a step-by-step system that is based on 40 years of learning and coaching. 

While the quality of success and life coaching programs differs, they have one thing in common: All of them have positive testimonials. What I noticed is that Mary Morrissey received a lot of sincere and raving reviews from other industry leaders. Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich (Sales Coaching) and many, many more. You will be able to read the positive reviews and comments of real people once you are part of Mary´s private Facebook Group that unites the participants of this program. 

Mary Morrissey Review

Before I elaborate on pro´s and con´s and the outline and deliverables of the program, please feel free to check out what Mary is about. When it comes to life and success coaching it is crucial that you "click" with the person and that you trust them.

The video is part of the series of videos you will receive if you order your free DreamBuilder Kit - which you can do HERE

How does Marys DreamBuilder work?

Neuroscientists have discovered that it takes 80-90 days until you can successfully implement new habits. Therefore, to successfully apply the new beliefs that enable you to transform your life, a program should span over at least 80 days.

Mary´s program is a 90-day system that delivers additional support tools for another 30 days. What makes the program different from many others is how well it is structured.

Here is a brief outline of what you will learn in the 12 weeks:

Week 1 - Dream Building Principle
You are taking the first steps to realigning your mindset for success. Before you can realize your dreams you need to dare to dream. And you need to believe that you are worth it. 

Week 2 - Building Your Dream
You learn to define what it is you really want - independent of your current circumstances.

Week 3 - Fault-Proof Your Dream
Do you dream big enough? In week 3 you will double-check that your dream is worthy of you (not the other way around.)

Week 4 - The Power Of Perception
You learn how to dissolve limiting beliefs from your thoughts altogether.

Week 5 - Increasing Your Feeling Of Self-Worth
In week 5 you learn how to create the magnetic fields that allow you to receive exactly what you are longing for. Most people are not aware that they carry self-limiting beliefs. These will be identified and eliminated in week 5. 

Week 6 - Environment Empowerment
You chose the right dream. It scares you. And it should. A goal that would not scare you, would not be worth achieving. Week 6 teaches you how to handle fear and doubt that are inevitable in the process of transformation. 

Week 7 - Overcoming Obstacles
You learn how to close the gap between your current reality and the life that will become your reality. 

Week 8 - Creating Abundance
You will align with the universe using the law of receiving. Consequently, you start to experience and attract people, ideas, circumstances and resources that serve your dream and goal. 

Week 9 - Expansion
More often than anything else, painful experiences from the past make us sabotage our future success (Emotional Intelligence). You learn how to master and eliminate those demons of the past. 

Week 10 - The Land Of Solutions
You learn a 5-step process that will allow you to change your conditions through your thinking.

Week 11 - Overcoming Failure
The road to success is not just plastered with roses. What we call "failure" is actually feedback and valuable information. You learn how to implement this way of thinking fearlessly into your life.

Week 12 - Sustaining Success
To manifest abundance that goes beyond material wealth is the last step of this program. 

What is included in The DreamBuilder?

You will receive:

  • A guide book that is yours to keep
  • Private Membership area with audio lessons for 12 weeks (downloadable)
  • Additional audio for 3 weeks
  • Weekly Live Coaching calls with Mary
  • A ticket for DreamBuilder Live, a 2-day networking and growth event
  • VIP support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to Mary´s private Facebook group

The Good

  • Methodical approach
  • Real people, real results
  • Works for career success as well as for personal success - even weight loss
  • Appraised by industry leaders
  • Very inexpensive (programs with similar deliverables cost 1k and up)
  • Mary does not just make money with teaching her wisdom - she actually created million dollar companies applying it
  • Extensive and successful coaching experience make this a better product
  • Live coaching and Q&A sessions multiply the benefits
  • Very active Facebook Group delivers additional support and valuable information as well as networking opportunites with likeminded people
  • Value of the free tickets to DreamBuilder LIVE exceeds the cost of the program

The Bad

  • Mary is a very spiritual person. I believe religion and success coaching should be separate. That said, Mary does not preach but teach so that it is not really a "con"
  • All audio, video and eBooks only available in English
  • No CD´s or printed books provided (downloadable content)
  • New courses every week (you could not get to the full program right away)

Final Verdict

Supposed you like Mary (people learn from people) this system will enable you to transform and shape your life any way you want.

This program is the real deal. Mary must be one of the most knowledgable persons I have ever met. Mary is tough and warm-hearted at the same time, making this program approachable and attractive for everyone - from CEO to Sales Manager, Yoga Teacher or Stay-At-Home Mom.

The systematic, well-structured approach differentiates The DreamBuilder from most other products on the market. The price of less than 500$ makes this a no-brainer.

The DreamBuilder delivers to the claim.

Where to buy The DreamBuilder

I recommend that you reserve your spot in the free webinar HERE.

If you cannot wait and want to order right away you can do so below this webinar replay HERE

Last but by far not least: Check out Mary´s My Morning Mentor too

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These 4 Foods Sabotage Your Success

4 Foods That Impact Your Brain Function

Did you know that your diet could be sabotaging your success?
4 Food That Harm Brain And Success
The food we eat is not only important for our overall health, but is most important for our brain health and therefore, your success in all aspects of your life.

A short while ago the German media was going berserk on a producer of salmon spread. Why? Because he was honest. The translation of the part marked red is: 

"Can affect activity and concentration of kids." (ADHS)

Let´s ignore for now that this is not a problem of one producer who was honest enough to print it on the label. Most processed food and junk food contains these or other as harmful additives. 

4 Foods That Can Sabotage Your Success

Let´s also ignore that ADHS is widely unknown in countries that eat natural foods and just consider it established that food and food additives do influence our brain functions. 

Food producers know this. What you eat might not make or break your career but definitely make it easier or harder. A simple "2-day healthy food" test would surprise unhealthy eaters as they would immediately notice that they have way more energy, better concentration, less fatigue.

In our competitive times we all want our brain to perform at its peak, right?

Let’s look at 4 foods that are bad for the brain and could be harming your effort to be successful.

Foods That Are Bad For The Brain

1. MSGs

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer that is added to our food. There are many afflictions that happen to lab animals after consuming MSG. We, as humans, are five times more sensitive to MSG, particularly when consumed over a lifetime.

MSG causes the brain to miswire, especially during the first few years of life. This messes up nearly all aspects of brain function. This includes behavior, intelligence, and hormones. When fed MSG, animal studies have shown a significant increase in the failure to complete complex tasks.

It has been found to damage the centers of the brain that control learning, social control, memory and social interaction.

MSG is found in foods that are labeled with the word “glutamate”. Avoiding this additive could be the very best thing you will ever do for your brain. Food producers hide MSG´s behind several different names as well. 

Read more about the dangers of MSG´s HERE

2. Sugar

It’s estimated that American’s eat 79 pounds of sugar per year. The not-so-sweet effects that consuming sugar are inflammation that causes neuronal and vascular damage and constant insulin spikes.

Large amounts of sugar cause the brain’s memory control center to become inflamed, resulting in this center not working at 100%. Also, increased intake of sugar has been shown to be linked to depression. It is safe to say that depression is not a career helper.

Studies have shown that people eating higher than normal amounts of sugar performed more poorly on a memory test than those people who didn’t add sugar to their diets. It concluded that eating a high-sugar diet for as little as one week, was enough to impair our memory. 

Even worse are artificial sweeteners. Artificial Sweeteners the Silent Killer

Read how to detox from sugar HERE

3. Trans Fat

If you see “partially hydrogenated oils” in the list of ingredients on the food that you are eating, you are harming not only your heart but also causing major brain drain. These “partially hydrogenated oils” are code for trans fats.

Diets that are high in trans fats have been shown to increase beta-amyloid, a peptide plaque, that deposit in our brains and is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

A study published in the magazine Neurology found that people that ate high levels of trans fats had a lower cognitive ability.

Foods that are the main culprits include baked goods, processed foods, and fried foods. 

This type of fat is not to be mistaken for "good fats". Our body needs good fats, they are good for us and our brain and they are even essential for weight-loss. Trans fat is bad fat.

4. Saturated Fat

A small amount of saturated fat is okay, but if your diet is high in this, it can decrease your brain’s ability to battle the formation of Alzheimer’s brain plaque. There are some exceptions to the rule like in example coconut oil. 

Vegetarians who are looking for healthy protein alternatives can read HERE

If you binge on saturated fat, the onslaught will hurt your brain in the short-term. It impairs the brain’s ability to form new memories and learn, as soon as 10 minutes after consumption. Saturated fats in the amounts we typically consume it can lead to other health problems as well. 

Saturated and Unsaturated Fats

You can learn more about which food contains which kind of fat in the pdf I came across:

While several studies suggest that saturated fats cause disease and brain problems, in my personal opinion and experience this is partly true. 

A large part of the problem is a) that we eat too much animal-based food and b) that we eat too much processed food (and in general) and meat of low quality - often in combination with other unhealthy foods, like sandwich bread, sausage and such.


As you can see, these 4 foods can cause numerous harmful changes in our brains. When our concentration, memory, and intelligence is compromised, our success in any venture in life will ultimately be damaged. We aren’t able to move forward to fulfill our dreams and goals, whether they be in our business life or our personal growth. 

We must keep in mind that the small mistakes we make do sum up until they finally punish us in the form of a disease. We can make sure that our brain functions at peak level by consuming the right food. 

It´s not about eating the perfect food all of the time. That would be the ideal but is often hard to realize when you have a busy career. 

If you just implement the minor or major changes you can your brain and overall health will thank you. 

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My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey

My Morning Mentor - Another LOA Scam?

Review of My Morning Mentor

My review of Mary Morrissey´s "My Morning Mentor", Life Mastery Institute reflects my experience with the second product I purchased from Mary. Without my positive experience with The DreamBuilder, I would likely not have bothered with My Morning Mentor. Read why.

What is My Morning Mentor good for?

My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey
We all have different passions and aspirations and are unique in our own special ways, but there is one universal goal that we all strive for: Success. Everyone wants to be successful, and in the ideal world, we all would be. But the fact is that only a few people are deserving of the "successful" moniker.

Why? Because successful people are exceptionally skilled? While that's true to some extent, it is my belief that we all are good at things we are passionate about, and being talented alone does not mean success. It cannot be blamed on luck either since "luck" is just your perception of your reality. 

No, it is rather a combination of attitude, determination, and approach that successful people share. Sure, successful people can be found across a variety of industries, and the definition of success changes from person to person, but certain traits can be found in those who are successful. These can be trained.

Repetition and constant training of the brain are necessary always. Successful people know and live that.

"The winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game."
Vince Lombardi

Click on the picture to read my article about the attitude that creates success:

What are your dreams?

To some, financial security means success. To others, wealth isn't correlated to success. In any case, successful people, however different their definitions of success and their aspirations may be, they all do go through the same hoops and do so in a very particular way.

Learning from successful people can help you to repeat the patterns, methods and thought processes that made them successful. Success can come to anybody; they just have to do the right things at the right time.

Mary Morrissey put over 30 years of success coaching into  "My Morning Mentor" to allow us to do what she did to become this huge success. Mary Morrissey is a very successful woman. 

Mary Morrissey is a famous speaker, bestselling author, and consultant, and has helped many to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her Psychology degree has helped her to keenly observe and compare the common traits of successful people, and over the years, she has been applying this information into helping others to get successful.

Go HERE to learn more about Mary and The Life Mastery Institute. 

What is My Morning Mentor?

5 Universal Laws

Most likely you now the 5 Universal Laws. Did you successfully apply them? The thing with success coaching and self-development programs is that a lot of them are good, but...

Here is an example: I admit that I was not fond of "The Secret" (both book and movie) anyway when it came out.  Now, looking back I have an argument. Of the millions who read the book or watched the movie, I am sure you know at least 10 people of the top of your head who read it. Have they been able to transform? How many of the were actually able to apply the new beliefs?

Does the Law of Attraction not work? Did all of the millions of people not take action?

A lot of good books, coaches and programs are facing the problem that while what they say is good and true they cannot deliver the missing the link that enables people to transform and create lasting success for themselves. But that is what people are looking for when they buy success programs or hire a life coach. Right?

My Morning Mentor successfully teaches you how to APPLY the Universal Laws. Have a look at one of the many videos you receive as part of the Free Edition to see what I mean: 

Brain Retraining

My Morning Mentor is a 90-day program. To retrain your brain and successfully implement new beliefs until they become habits, you need 80-90 days. While Mary Morrissey never even mentions this feature of her program is it backed up by neuroscience.

Over the course of three months, you will receive daily videos that will allow you to transform your life.

Daily Affirmations

Both the Free and Full Version of My Morning Mentor supports you with daily, effective affirmations, stories, and inspiration. Just like me you will soon come to love your daily email. The emails are not salesy in any way. Mary convinces with profound knowledge instead. 

In addition to the aforementioned tools, you receive a collection of analogies, tips, and observations of successful people.

Is My Morning Mentor Scam

Pro´s and Con´s 

I was thinking for a few minutes now about the con´s. After all, a review has to be genuine and truthful about both, the good and the bad.

I would feel silly making up "con´s". I did not find any. If you find anything negative about the program let me know. I did not see it.

  • Superior program 
  • 30 years of successful entrepreneurial and coaching experience put into a compact program
  • Does not just tell you about the Universal Laws but enables you to apply them
  • Discount price (less than a dollar per day)
  • More components delivered than you sign up for
  • Fast and competent presale and after sale support
  • No annoying salesy Emails
  • Fits into even the busiest schedule
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Payment plan available for this already inexpensive product
  • A program for everyone - from CEO to multitasking mum; from Sales Manager to someone in-between jobs

Final Verdict - Yay or Nay

Normally, I would not bother to review a program as inexpensive as this. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Not in this case. 

I have used and investigated many, many similar programs. While a few are good, they are really expensive. Many others are too bad to even consider. The free version of My Morning Mentor alone delivers more benefit and value than a lot of expensive programs. 

The compact form makes this program a tool that fits in even the busiest of lives. No matter if you are looking to seriously transform your life or are just looking for some daily positivity and inspiration. Mary Morrissey will not let you down. 

In my opinion, the low price makes this a no-brainer. And who wants to try it first can sign up for the free version. 

Clearly YAY

Will you sign up for the free or the full version? Access to both HERE

To learn about Mary´s "The DreamBuilder" please click HERE

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8 Habits of Successful People

What Successful People do

Often, people make the assumption that to make money and be successful you have to have either money or power. Or both. 8 Things Successful People Do This is not true. Success is a decision, a mindset, an expectation. Anyone can be successful. Every successful person can be more successful. Circumstances can make achieving success harder or easier, but they do not decide if we will be successful. We decide that. Here is the thing: If you come home and the power is out and you hear music and see lights in houses surrounding yours. Would you think that the universe has set you up for a power outage? That you will never have light in your living room? No. You would think that a wire broke or a fuse jumped and figure the problem out and solve it. That is how successful people go about setbacks in personal relationships, careers, and business ventures. But many people who suffer failure or setbacks in their professional lives feel that the universe is responsible for it. They unconsciously make setbacks their status quo and failure their attitude. The laws of the universe are precise and perfect. They apply to everyone and it is up to us to use them to our advantage. That is what successful people do. Here is the good news: Nature is neutral. Nature does not care if you are successful. It does not sort people into those who are allowed to make it and those who are not. So what differentiates successful people from others?

Positive thinking

We hear this expression so many times that we are starting to get tired of it. But often we do not understand what it really means. Successful people think positive. Positive thinking can be trained. Sometimes we are not aware that we have negative thoughts. We might chant "I will not fail again" as an affirmation without knowing that this very negative thought will set us up for failure. A positive thought will not be influenced by a negative past experience. Your brain is pretty stubborn when it comes to negations and when you mention "failure" that is what you get. The thought has to correspond with your belief. If you do not truly believe the "positive thought" it will not work. Getting rid of limiting self-beliefs is the way to go. It takes about 80-90 days to retrain your brain and form new habits - persistence is key. You need to believe that you are worth the success you are trying to achieve. You need to believe that you will achieve the success you are striving for. Successful people have positive thoughts that correspond with their beliefs and that will become their reality. You are well advised to surround yourself with positive, successful people and eliminate energy thieves and negative people from your life. As much as you can. Obviously, if your mother in law is a negative Nelly you will still have to deal with her.

Confident expectations

Successful people believe that things will turn out great for them. The most successful salespeople expect that they sell every time. The most successful leaders expect that they are destined for greatness. They expect that even if they fail they will gain valuable knowledge on how to do it better next time. Therefore, they can never be disappointed. Your expectations are your thoughts. Your thoughts send marching orders to your brain. Your brain will make sure that you get what you ask for. Your brain cannot be tricked. Positive expectations of others is another important factor. Often, people deliver on your expectation. Many successful people express positive expectations of others even if they are not 100 % convinced. Your self-esteem is very important too for setting your expectation. You have to be convinced that you deserve what you expect. Most of the time you will not achieve more than 10 % more or less of what you self-believe is. And if you do achieve way more before you are ready you are in trouble. Maybe you have wondered why so many rock stars, famous actors, and lottery winners end up in poverty and show sometimes rather bizarre, self-destructive behavior. It is simple and easy: The money they made, the success they had was not corresponding with their self-concept and beliefs. Therefore, they engage in this compensatory behavior patterns. Successful people have confident expectations that correspond with their feeling of self-worth.

They Work

Books and Movies like "The Secret" make many people believe that all you have to do is to sit there and think about what you wish for. That is not how it works.
Sitting on your couch imagining dollar bills is like watching a workout video and expecting you get lean and fit just by watching it. Successful people know that the right mindset and expectations will attract the corresponding opportunities and people into their life. They also know and live that it is up to them to seize the opportunity and take action. If hard work or upgrading their skill-set is required they will do it. Related article: Why the law of attraction does not work for you


A positive mental attitude is the single largest factor for your personal success. Not only do successful people have a positive attitude towards themselves. They also have a positive attitude towards others. That also applies to what you want to attract into your life. If you have a negative attitude towards success or money it will not come to you. If your image of successful people is negative you will not become one. If deep inside your belief is that money is dirty you will never make a lot of it. Successful people have a positive attitude towards themselves, other people, and their goals. Your potential is fixed and cannot be changed. But your attitude decides which percentage of your potential is available for your use. Your attitude can be changed in a minute. Your attitude is also formed by your expectation. A good trick is to fake it until you feel it. Imagine that you have already achieved what you are longing for. See yourself speaking at the first shareholder meeting you will hold after your company went public. Listen to yourself talking to the fans after your book as been published and is going viral. Enjoy presidents club and taste the Margarita you will be having. Enjoy the gratitude of the people in a development country after you have implemented medical care. See it, feel it, smell it. At one point, you WILL believe it. Your feelings become your thoughts. And voilá, you took an important step for your success. By thinking like the person you want to be you will start to act like you already were that person. And you will attract things like that person. Another exercise is to think back of a moment where you had success. Or made money. Or were deeply in love. Close your eyes, let go of all sorrow, breathe calmly and enjoy the sensation of the thing that made you feel so good. Multiply the feeling. Remember, your attitude is 85 % of your success. Your attitude is what makes or breaks you. Successful people have a positive attitude.

They lead

A leader will most of the time end up in some high managerial position. The term leadership per se does not mean to be in such a position. The topic "what is a leader" or even "how leadership is changing" are too complex to discuss here and will be subject of another article. A few thoughts upfront: A leader is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone. That manifests in two ways: First of all he is not afraid to set goals high. He does not wait for the approval of others to go ahead with his vision. I came across a video of a German DJ. On the first look, it has nothing to do with leadership and I am pretty sure the DJ would be really surprised to find his video in my article. It is the third part of a series about an autistic person. A person that faces rejection but never gives up. Don´t mind the music. So what happens here?
  • Someone has an idea. He is not afraid what others think about him. He takes action and just does it. He faces a lot of rejection and setbacks. But he keeps on dancing. Even when he hurts he does not lose his positive attitude or positive self-belief.
  • The second person, the first follower has been won. The first follower is as important as the leader because he makes the difference. Until now the leader was just a crazy person doing something strange. Now, after the first follower stepped up it is not that strange anymore. The leader engages with the first follower (very important!) who sells it until
  • More people join in (another very important group) until finally
  • Everyone wants to be a part. The weaklings (I apologize for my wording, but this group is not all that important. They will neither help your success nor hinder it.) join in as the point is reached where it seems more appropriate to be a part of the movement than not to join in.
Who sold it? Was it the leader or the first follower? Or the group of people who stepped up after the first leader and made the movement a socially accepted status quo.
Independent of that - the leader will get the medal.
Successful people know that they cannot succeed alone. They invite others to share, carry, sell and fulfill their vision.
Dance as uninhibited and fearless as you can.

They overcome fear

Fear is the one and foremost success blocker. Clicking on the link in the first word will lead you to an article I wrote about how fear works and what happens in your brain. It is called "Neuroscience and Fear". One of my first articles on how to overcome fear and doubt can be read HERE The point is not to be free of fear. If you would be never afraid you would either be a very dumb person or a sociopath. The fear of failure is the most common destructive fear. Most of our fears are either irrational or based on past experience. Emotional Intelligence, a high EQ is what helps you dealing with irrational fear and the ghosts of the past. You might enjoy this article: Emotional Intelligence and Success Successful people are able to rationalize and analyze their fear and finally overcome it.

Love and Self-Love

If you think I will go all esoteric hippie on you now - think again. Self-love is the single most important factor defining your level of self-esteem. If you do not like yourself you will not think very highly of yourself. That leads to lowered expectations. Lowered expectations lead to smaller results. Also, the universal laws kick in and the perception others will have of you will not be much better than your own. A high level of self-esteem is attractive and convincing. Often, kids who were the victims of conditional love are struggling in their later lives. Conditional love means that i.e. parents raise their kids with the constant fear of love being taken away from them. "If you do that you are in trouble" "You have to do that to make mommy happy". These kids live in the constant fear of love being taken away from them unless they fulfill the requirements to "deserve" love. In their business life, they have a harder time to take risks. They are dependent on the opinion of others. They are scared of criticism and cannot see it for what it is: feedback and not personal rejection. Negative feedback to them is like: I do not love you anymore. They were conditioned to believe they have to be a certain way to be "loved". Successful people take risks. They do things that might be criticized heavily by others. They take negative critisism as a chance to grow and improve. They love and value themselves too much to get destroyed by failure, critics, hardship or setbacks. To have a good feeling of self-worth you have to love yourself. To love others you have to love yourself first. To successfully lead others you have to love them. To be successful you need others. Last but not least, to gain the strength to achieve a difficult goal you have to love what you are doing. If you love yourself you feel you are worth it to invest (skill-set upgrades) in yourself and you are worth great success. Successful people love themselves. And they love others. They keep investing in getting better because they feel they are worth it.


Here is what successful people know: To be successful. you have to have a vision. And you have to have a goal. You also need a plan of action with milestones and deadlines and you have to see it through. Successful people take action and responsibility.
Successful people challenge their comfort zone. A good goal has to scare you. Setting a big goal on the other hand also will help with your self-esteem. You will like yourself more as a person who sets big goals. Successful people do not think about what other people would think should they fail their goal. They define success as having taken advantage of an opportunity. They do not give up when facing problems and they never lose focus of their goal. "Higher goals" are easier to achieve. A simple "I want money" or "I want power" is not big enough to set free the passion and determination needed. Instead of "I want money" think about why you want money or power. Will you make decisions that help other people? Do you want to feel free? I heard a (potentially made up) story about a native tribe that lives in a dry area. They have a 100 % success quote of making it rain with their rain dance. Do you know why their success quote is 100 %? Exactly. They dance until it rains. That is what successful people do. There are several tricks and techniques to make scary big goals easier to achieve. A simple and effective trick is to define milestones (small goals) that provide instant gratification.


Maybe while you read this you are at a stage of your life where you feel like these principles do not apply to you. Or your current situation is so bad that to you this sounds like empty motivational speech that died in the 90ties. Many coaches talk the talk but don´t walk the walk. Is it easier to say than to do? Yes, most definitely. Change is scary. So is admitting the need to change. Successful people experience setbacks. The higher you climb the harder the fall. Some recover and come back strong - some don´t. What makes the difference is how they deal with it AND that your self-esteem is based on non-material achievements nobody can take away from you. I recently had my fair share of setback too. After over 8 years of extreme stalking by a psychopath (the kind of "hate stalking" that does not seem to follow logical rules and often hits people of the service industry, like lawyers) that destroyed my successful Sales/Coaching career as well as my social and personal live, I left my home country, Germany. With just a suitcase, I relocated to the States. I lost everything I owned and loved (and that was a lot). My first night in the States was in a rotten apartment in a town called North Chicago (potentially one of the worst neighborhoods to be in). In that first night, I heard the first shooting of my life outside while I was lying on the floor (I did not have a bed yet). It was dark because there was no electricity yet. I was very excited in expectancy of all of the new opportunities that will open up for me. Instead, I became sick before I even had health insurance. So here I was ... in a new country with 0 network (as you can probably imagine also without the possibility to contact my old network in Germany). Medical bills together with the need to all of a sudden work from home created a rather unpleasant scenario. Especially as my English is far from perfect, even though I work on it every single day. I started to offer psychic readings. While I do believe in intuition being what makes good Sales Managers and Leaders, it is not really how I was planning to make a living. In parallel, I upgraded my skill-set. I worked on my English, took some classes at Harvard online, got a Holistic Nutritionist certification and started this blog. Writing in a different language was my big fear. I had to start my social media from scratch and I had 0 technical knowledge. Was I scared at times and even wanted to give up? Sure. I was. Sick, alone in a strange country without any support after a few horribly hard years is terrifying. But all the time I knew that good things will come back to me. Better than ever before. At no point had I lost my self-love or feeling of self-worth. As long as your self-esteem is based on non-material things nobody can ever take it away from you other than yourself. I embrace this setback to form the live I truly desire. Now, great opportunities have started to open up in the sales/coaching industry and great people slowly start coming back into my life. Some people are starting to pick up what I say, I have gained the first followers and my blog is doing really good for the young age. To my surprise, I have been asked to write for a site with a pretty large following. The site is titled "Success stories - from people who made it" (hehehe). Life is great. Any second the next opportunity can open up. Nobody is safe of failure. And everyone can achieve success. The attempt to protect yourself from failure will only "protect" you from one thing: Success. Last but not least: Success is not = career success. Successful people now that in order to achieve success that also have to tend to their health, personal relationships, and mind. A rich person that is unhappy or unhealthy or alone is not successful.
  • The Universal Laws apply to anyone and everyone
  • Everyone can be successful - everyone will experience failure
  • Habits of successful people can be trained and adapted
  • Successful people can be more successful
  • Your mindset decides what you will attract and achieve
  • Anyone can implement new beliefs that lead to new habits and retrain their brain
  • It takes up to 90 days to form new habits and retrain your brain
If you are successful but want to be even more successful or if you currently do not have the level of success you want I encourage you to have a look at the list of wonderful tools I created for you. Just click

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Review of Mary Morrissey The Dreambuilder LIVE

Mary Morrissey´s The Dreambuilder Review Live/Product

The Dreambuilder is available in two versions: A live event and a product you can use out of the comfort of your home. Also available are free tools that you can access below. 

Please click HERE to skip the Live Event Review and jump to the Product review. To learn more about Mary and her company Life Mastery Institute click HERE

Let´s have a look at the Live Event first: 

The DreamBilder Review Mary Morrissey

Life Mastery Insitute Review The Dreambuilder LIVE

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Like most people, you are probably living every day with a “someday” attitude. “Someday” I’ll work on my visions and dreams. Our dreams are way too important to be put on hold until “someday”. Now is the time to start contributing to your dreams and make a change! The live Dreambuilder event claims to help you do just that.

What is Dreambuilder Live?

Dreambuilder Live is a 3-day experience with the world’s leading teacher of dream-building, Mary Morrissey. In this dream-nurturing environment, you will be away from your daily life and able to align your frequency to create a vision and the kind of life you dream of living.

You will find your true purpose and move onto a path to deep meaning and fulfillment. Some of the greatest thinkers and inventors knew the secrets and used them successfully. They knew that to improve your life, you had to access these principles and Universal Laws.

Mary Morrissey will guide you to open doors you never knew existed and give you the necessary tools to build your dreams.

This 3-day live event is attended by business owners, physicians, entrepreneurs, coaches, medical professionals, authors, inventors, artist and more. They are all gathered in this nurturing environment to help support the materialization of your vision.

Agenda For Dreambuilder Live

Day 1


We all live our lives by default or design. It’s time to start designing. You will be guided through a success blueprint for life in the areas of Relationships, Career, Health and Time/Money/Freedom.

You will learn:

  • A test to determine if the dream you have right now is truly your innermost dream.
  • Get clear on what you really want.
  • Questions to ask that will unlock momentum, speed, and confidence.

Day 2


After you have created a blueprint, you will bridge the gap between where you are now to that outcome.

You will discover:

  • How to stop feeling insecure, unprepared and unworthy for your dreams.
  • How to get rid of the feelings and thoughts that are sabotaging your results, and helps you re-focus your thoughts on your inspiration.
  • Find out what you are attracting right now, and learn how to draw the things and people that will assist you to move forward, instead of holding you back. 
  • That one feeling that you absolutely must have if you ever want to make more money and live abundantly.

Day 3


Now you have your dream blueprinted and the spaces in your mindset bridged. It’s now time to start building that dream of yours.

You will learn how to:

  • Attract circumstances, situations and ideas that will enable you to build your dream.
  • Use your energy to create the life you dream of with less work. 
  • Create actionable plans to make faster, more consistent progress.
  • Access the opportunities and ideas that will move you and your dream forward.

How Much Does It Cost And Where Is It Held?

This event usually costs $1495 for the general public. However, for a limited time they are reducing the price by 75% to $289. That’s a pretty major discount. But, remember, this special pricing is only for a limited time. Order HERE

The next Dreambuilder Live Event is held on 

October 23rd through October 25th at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. 
Registration begins at 5:00 pm on October 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland


  • Direct access to the coach
  • Best return on time. Intensive, compact coaching
  • Inexpensive
  • Ability to mingle with like-minded people and grow your network
  • Delivers on the claim. Raving reviews by both, industry experts and change-makers


  • Only in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Limited number of spots available
  • No money-back guarantee


The Dreambuilder Live event is for anyone who is wanting to live their dream and stop putting it off until “someday”. We all know that someday rarely happens. It’s time to start building your dream and this is an amazing event to teach you how to do it. Starting with the blueprint, all the way through to building your dream, you will experience an amazing transformation and connect with like-minded people who want to see you succeed.

In all honesty, I really had a hard time to think of "negatives". Meeting Mary in person is an intense experience and you can achieve greatness in these few days.

It is the fastest way to get out of self-sabotage.

One Star deducted because it should be a tour and not limited to one city. A clear 9/10.

 Reserve your Spot / More Info

If you cannot make it to the live event, click on one of the other fabulous options: 

REPLAY OF A PAST WEBINAR (with buying option)

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Who is Mary Morrissey / Life Mastery Institute?

Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute Review

Who is Mary Morrissey?

Who is Mary MorrisseyHer full name is Mary Manin Morrissey. Unlike my other articles that evaluate more what a tool can do for you and which services/products and features are offered, I have to start this review with "Why can Mary Morrissey do something for you". 

You will read about her accolades, background, how she became filthy rich (and poor and rich again) and offered services later. In the case of this special Lady I have to put the soft skills first. 

Mary is
  • Trustworthy
  • Believable
  • Tough with a great good heart
  • Honest
  • Strong
  • Effective
  • Real (nothing sneaky, salesy about her)
  • Straight
  • Grounded
  • Analytic and intelligent

She is like a firm handshake. But let´s hear it from her friend, Bob Proctor, who might find an other expression than "like a firm handshake".

Mary Morrissey is a life coach, motivational speaker, and bestselling author for over three decades now. Mary also holds a degree in counseling psychology. 

Her current company, Life Mastery Institute offers several bestselling programs we will look into in a bit. 

Her achievements include:
  • Three speaker gigs from the United Nations as the National Co-Chair for "A Season for Non-Violence"
  • While representing the Association for Global New Thought, Mary achieved her personal dream. In three week-long meetings, she had the chance to spend time and exchange thoughts with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. They were discussing matters of the world and meditating. 
  • She met with Nelson Mandela to discuss significant international issues the world is facing. 
  • Author of several books, 2 of which are bestsellers. 
The full list of achievements would be very long, I picked out the ones that excited me most. 

Living Enrichment Center

At an early age, Mary Morrissey had the chance to prove to herself and the world that she can achieve greatness even beyond her wildest dreams. And that she is able to handle a setback. She says about herself:
Among all of my achievements and degrees in higher learning, my favorites are the two black belts I have earned, one in Success and the other in Failure. 
While Mary has operated many companies I think that this project is noteworthy as it shows her colors AND includes a scandal. And we all love to hear about a great scandal, right?

In 1974, Mary, together with her husband at that time, founded a church called "The Truth Center" out of her living room. As the church was not successful, in 1979 she started touring and offered self-development classes to churches around the States. 

In 1980, she founded another church and called it "Living Enrichment Center". At one point, they had their own book store on the church grounds as well as a kindergarten, retreat center, outreach television ministry and even an elementary school. 

The Namaste Retreat and Conference Center was started 1994. The most famous retreat leaders were probably Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jean Housten and Arun Gandhi. 

Under the brand "The Life Key" Mary (and her second husband) marketed audio tapes and videos. It was a million dollar business, the church had 4000 regional and 10.000 countrywide members. 

That project ended when in 2004 Mary was sued for unpaid loans. Also, the personal finances were not separated from the church and many loans were made personally to Mary. The debt sum was totaling more than $ 20 million. 

When in 2005 Mary´s husband at the time, Edward Morrisey, plead guilty to the charge of money laundry and soliciting $ 10.7 million in loans he was put in jail. Mary, who claimed that her husband handled the financial issues, did not get jail time and just had to pay a fourth of her earning until the debt was paid or for 20 years - whatever came first. 

I feel this is enough information to describe her energy, ability to recover from setbacks and phoenix-like abilities and it is time to move on to her current project. To fall that hard you have to have climed that high.

And right away she climbed up Mt Success again: 

Life Mastery Insitute 

Mary is the founder and owner of this institute that offers life coach certification programs as well as coaching and training for individuals.

This short clip self help vs shelve help gives you a first idea about who Mary is - should you not know her.

Besides my own experience with the programs, I am taking into account that Life Mastery Institute has received an unusually high amount of praise by industry experts - and not to forget satisfied students who recommend her for the success they achieved with her help. 

The main programs and brands available to everyone are: 

The DreamBuilder Program

Live Event
A weekend with Mary. Ideal for networking but you have to travel to Baltimore. 

This life-changing weekend is focused on 
  • Upgrading your skill set so that you can live the best life ever. No matter if you are at a low or high point in your life. 
  • How to make success a habit and constant in your life. 
  • Mingle with like-minded people to grow your network

Booking, more info, detailed review HERE

The Dream Builder Program
The profen system has helped thousands and thousands of people to manifest their dreams.

It is simple enough so that a beginner can immediately implement the principles and helps advanced, successful people just the same

For more info/to reserve your spot in the free live event/to purchase click  HERE
A detailed review is in the making but the best way to discover it is probably to grab the free DreamBuilder Kit below. 

Fabulous free DreamBuilder Kit
This gift includes daily inspiration (you can unsubscribe from at any time if you like), videos, and an eBook. It delivers more value than many paid options. Grab it HERE

My Morning Mentor

A unique concept of teaching you the Laws of the Universe and leading you to abundance and a happy life. 

This 90 day program offers you a daily 3 minute video. Each day for 90 days you will receive a short video. 

It takes about 80-90 days to retrain your brain so that the 90 days span is ideal. The price seems more like a tip. Even though it costs less than a dollar per day a payment plan is offered. 

13 additional free videos that teach the Universal Laws of Success make this a no brainer.  A detailed review is in the making.

Learn more, grab free videos or purchase HERE

Mary´s books on Amazon HERE


At a fraction of the cost of most other programs these programs deliver an extreme value. They deliver to the claim and over deliver. 

The approach is grounded, well structured and easy to follow. Mary Morrissey has extensive knowledge in combination with outstanding tutoring skills. 

The short video about "shelve help" made me think. I own dozens of programs from other coaches. Some of which are mediocre, some are of great quality. Those people are industry leaders for a reason. Great brains, great wisdom that helped me advance big time. 

Beside the approach of instrumentalising the process of dream building I have heard and know most of the things she says (don´t get me wrong. Repetition is a good and not a bad thing and the brain and mind need constant training just like every other part of the body.). 

What makes the difference? What makes these low-cost programs better? The person makes the difference. Is this the best or one of the best approaches I so far have experienced? Hard to tell. Because I like her and absorbing wisdom from someone you would want to have a beer with is just so much more effective. 

Mary - You have a Fan, Ambassador and Customer right here. 

I strongly recommend you give her products a try to see if she has the same effect on you. Either way I would love to hear your feedback - I bet it will be positive. 

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Neuroscience and Success – The Story of Henry Molaison

Henry Molaison was the man without memory

Henry Molaison, Subconscious, Neuroscience, and Success

An article about the most famous patient of neuroscience.

Quick overview:

The night Henry Molaison died

The night Henry Molaison ( died there was no time for mourning. Henry Molaison the man without memoryWhen Ph.D. Suzanne Corkin (head of the Corkin Lab, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Principal Investigator at MIT) learned that Henry had died she did not think about his mesmerizing smile. Or the many hours she spent with him in the laboratory. At this moment, all Suzanne Corkin cared about was his brain. In nearly 40 years, Suzanne has investigated many patients. Dementia, brain surgery, brain injuries. But none was like Henry Molaison. Over centuries, Suzanne Corkin has talked to him and followed his fate - or doom. A considerable part of her success as a scientist results from this case study. Her tests and examinations made Henry the best-studied neurology patient. Therefore, when Suzanne Corkin heard the news she knew that it was time to take action. She called Henry´s legal guardian and asked for the permission to remove his brain. Corkin rushed to the Martino Center for Biomedical Imaging, where she directed the hearse onto the ramp in front of the building. For nine hours, the scientists scanned Henry´s brain in the MRI scanner. Corkin was aware of the importance of this historical moment. During the autopsy, she made sure not to miss a moment. Then finally 2 pounds of nerve tissue were lying in front of her in a metallic shell. "It was the most satisfying moment of my life", Suzanne Corkin explained in a recently published report. (Source: "Permanent Present Tense - The Unforgettable Life of the Amnesic Patient, H.")

4.5 years later Scientists are ready to present the results

Meanwhile, scientists in California are working on piecing  the 2401 slices the brain was cut into back together. In 1953 at the age of 27 a doctor, William Beecher Scoville, removed both of  Henry´s hippocampus. Henry Molaison was suffering from severe epileptic seizures. The desired effect was there. Since then Henry Molaison rarely suffered from epileptic seizures. But only a few days after the surgery doctors realized that they made a huge mistake. And that something went terribly wrong. The patient had lost his sense of direction. He could not remember the faces of the nurses and could not memorize medical instructions. He could not even remember why he was in that hospital. The surgery has robbed him of an elemental ability: His memory. Or should I say: One of his forms of memory? From then on Henry Molaison was doomed to live in the presence. Cut off from future and past. An island of constant present tense. Scoville admitted that the surgery was a tragic mistake and the amputation of both hippocampus since then is a taboo. But that was only the first of many lessons scientists learned from the patient Henry Molaison.

The beginning of Neuroscience

Back then neuroscience did not yet exist. Scientists only had a vague knowledge of the functions of the brain centers and how the memory works. Surgery for mental conditions was common, but it was more like risky shredding in the dark really. Since then scientists have gained vast knowledge and the patient Henry Molaison has a substantial part in that. Over the centuries, Henry Molaison visited the MIT laboratory 55 times. 122 scientists researched what he was able to do - and what not. They made him smell, feel, draw and count. He had to memorize numbers, play computer games and discover mazes. He was eager and patient. He could not remember that he failed the task hundreds before. The tragic fate of the man without memory first drawed the attention of scientists to the hippocampus. It was proven that only when sensory impressions get routed through them  they can be memorized. Scientists discovered that without the hippocampus a sensory impression fades and vanishes after 30 seconds. Sometimes H. M. was able to trick the scientists by being able to recite number sequences. But only because he had continuously repeated them in his brain. A few moments of distraction and they were lost forever and H. M. could not even remember that he wanted to memorize a number sequence.

There are different types of memory

Not only the clear distinction we make today between short-term and long-term memory is owed to H.M. The central observation was: There is more than one type of memory. Scientists were aware that they had a long road to go ahead of them. H.M. failed all memory tests and always greeted the scientists as strangers. But every time he seemed to understand faster what the scientists asked from him. It was as if he became used to the test procedures. Isn´t that a hidden form of memory? Hundreds of tests and experiments helped Corkin and her colleagues to understand what H.M. could memorize.

The power of the subconsciousness

Obviously, what H.M. learned unconsciously helped him to handle the presence. H.M.´s world was scary. Every morning he woke up in a room he did not know that was equipped with items he did not know. Surrounded by strangers. After all, his last memory was from the fifties. From before the surgery. But Henry was not scared. He reacted with a friendly patience to the strange world around him. His subconscious was familiar with it. Not even the reflection of his face in the mirror scared him. Even though, when asked for his age his answer was decades off. Even though when asked he said his hair color is brown. But his reflection in the mirror was that of an old, grey-haired man. After all, he knew this person very well - just his conscious mind was not aware of it. Henry was fully aware of the time before the surgery. He enjoyed talking about his childhood. He knew every politician of the 50ties. When scientists continued to ask him question they made another discovery: This part of his memory was damaged too. Even though he could still recite the facts after the surgery all life has vanished from the memories. Henry could recall where he went to vacation with his family. What they did. But not the emotions he had felt. Henry was missing what today is known as "episodic memory". He was left with the semantic memory. The distinction between episodic and semantic memory is also owed to H.M. Scientists were of the opinion that the surgery did not delete Henry´s memory. Their conclusion was that the memories just were not available to his conscious mind. Just like data that is stored on a disk but cannot be searched for as it vanished from the index. Somewhere in Henry´s brain the romance with this first love or his bike accident have left traces. But where? Scientists hoped to find answers to this and other questions by reconstructing Henry´s brain on the computer. Why was Henry´s sense of smelling damaged after the surgery? How could he realize when a strong scent hit his nose without being able to tell if it came from rotten fish or roses? Why did Henry lose any sense of feeling full? When scientists after a meal gave him another portion he ate it without complaining. You can read the full story of Henry Molaison HERE If you are an action taker that wants to use this prove of the power of the subconcious mind to his advantage you will find options for doing so below.


  • Our subconscious has a major impact on us, our behavior, and finally our success.
  • Memories we cannot consciously recall impact us in a big way.
  • The brain can be trained and retrained.
  • Success blockers are hidden in our subconscious.
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