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Stay True To Yourself A**hole?

Keep it real?

"Stay true to yourself" is great advice. Or not?

Stay true to yourself a**hole

Does that apply to stalkers, child molesters, psychopaths, sociopaths, liars, intriguers, thieves, drug dealers?


Are liars, intriguers and thieves aware that they are scheming and fraudulent? Or do they put lipstick on the pig and convince themselves that they have legit reasons for being unsocial and who they are?

Blind spots, sick people, the mean world and even meaner circumstances and such ... they always find someone else to blame. They might break into your house or your computer .. but whatever they take - they never take responsibility for their actions.

Well, if these unpleasant people do not realize that they are unsocial, yucky people ... do I know I am not one of them?

If unpleasant people sugarcoat the reality of who they are to themselves, then I would do that too, wouldn´t I? And maybe I too would not even realize that I am an a**hole.


"Be yourself. Be true to yourself." Maybe that advice is not great after all. Some people would be better advised to change and not be anything like themselves.

Other people might warp too much in their attempt to comply and be liked.

Therefore, I am changing and re-wording my advice:

Be yourself as much as it is right for you and those around you. And change if you do not make your life and the life of your loved ones better.

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Podcast, Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence Training

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen, Guten Tag, meine sehr verehrten Damen und Herren (;Quick update:A new podcast episode is out (available on iTunes and Google play but it takes about 2 days longer until they updated my podcast)

Project Phoenix EQ Training Update:

This Saturday we will learn about the default state of the brain. And how it matters to your happiness, career and quality of life.
Project Phoenix - Default State of the Brain from Aurorasa Coaching

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