Committed to empowering you to achieve your goals

After starting my career in administrative jobs, I was fortunate enough to begin my Sales Career in a fascinating field: Business Intelligence. 

During the next nine years, I held positions in both, direct and indirect Sales. For most of the time, I was working with the Finance Industry. 

Learning about Data Mining was the starting point of my fascination with the human brain, and I spent a lot of my free time learning about neuroscience, emotional intelligence and such. 

Training partners and clients was always a part of my job and left me with a feeling of satisfaction. I love helping people. I enjoyed helping customers, and I enjoy helping partners to more sales. 

What I was not happy with was my perspective. Most Sales- and Account Manager become either Sales Directors - or burned out at one point. Both options did not appeal to me. But I was hesitant to make a change and take the risk to leave my career. 

When I relocated to the US (from Germany), I knew this was the right time to make a drastic change and start living my dream. 

While I was learning English, I indulged in a hobby of mine and became a certified Holistic Nutritionist. My hobbies were always "green" and mindful, so that I dabbled in personal development since the age of 13. 

Providing clients with tools and training that enable them to achieve greater success for themselves is my dream job. I provide this service through my company, Aurorasa Coaching. Actually, since legendary sales trainer Mike Bosworth has asked me to become his partner I am holding two dream jobs at once. 

I define success as a combination of attaining your personal goals as well as your career goals. I coach teams, executives and individuals in reaching their success goals and ultimately reaching true happiness.

What makes me unique is the combination of skills.
Sales - Coaching - Intuition

Specialties: Enterprise Consultation | Career Coaching | Emotional Intelligence Training | Success Coaching | Empowerment | Happiness Enhancement | Executive Coaching | Sales Training

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