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Personal Development Coaching BS: Signs your Coach is incompetent

Today I received one of these invites again: “Join the biggest list building event of the year.” Hundreds of personal development coaching people group together to collect as many email addresses as they can. While it is understandable that we want the chance to speak to YOU, it should always be done in style. And with style, I mean: from the point of a Coach who wants to help people – not from the point of marketing ninja who wants to sell as many products as possible. Coach or Marketing expert? Every coach can tell you that this event doesn’t have any benefit for participants. It works as follows: all

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How to avoid fighting on Christmas

Do we lose all Empathy around Christmas? Martha is looking forward to the holidays. Every year, she starts to prepare early. From the finest decorations to recipes that tickle your taste buds in the most delightful way: Martha takes Christmas seriously.  What she loves most is that it’s the only time of the year when the whole family gets together. Even her parents fly in from Florida.  She looks forward to her favorite holiday every year. Sadly, also every year what is supposed to be the festival of love turns into a huge fight.  Last year was extremely bad:  Martha was mad at everyone. She prepared for weeks and spent

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Christmas Special: Free Album

  This year’s Christmas special is a full album. It’s available to current and new subscribers until December 24. Your password is: ThankYou Because I am grateful to all of you. As always: Without you, there would be no me.

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Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Emotions

Understanding emotions and everything related to emotion is often confused for “overly emotional” or even weakness. I invite you to learn why knowledge of emotions is a powerful success- and happiness skill.   Understanding Emotions People with a high EQ can understand their emotions, the sources of their emotions (and those of others) and they are in control of their actions and reactions. Let’s look at the fascinating topic “emotions” a little closer. Many people find it hard to share their emotions with others, express or even feel them. Most of us still have the idea that emotions are hindering an effective decision-making process and rational thinking. If rational thinking

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Interview with Chris Shea LifesJourney

  Recently, Chris Shea, founder of Lifesjourney, invited me for an interview. Chris was interested in learning more about my Emotional Intelligence Training and during our pleasant conversation, we realized that we share a common interest: Helping people to implement mindfulness into their lives. You can listen to the podcast here: iTunes: Libsyn: I also recommend that you check out Lifesjourney’s offering.

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Interview with Dr. Mark Goulston – Unconditional

You will hear more from me about the incredible Dr. Mark Goulston. Today, I had an interview with him that I consider so valuable that I want to share the goodness with you right away.   Podcast Episode with Dr. Mark Goulston This week’s episode is crowned by the incredible Dr. Mark Goulston. Be prepared: He will tickle your brain and touch your heart. He will share stories that will make most people want to act on the nuggets of wisdom and implement them into their lives. As a best-selling author, business consultant, psychiatrist, social skills expert, his mission is: Helping the world heal – one conversation at a time.

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