Review of The WakeUp Millionaire

Just another Become Millionaire overnight scam?

“The Wakeup Millionaire” by Patric Chan

WakeUp Millionaire is a set of audio tapes and eBooks. The purpose is to teach you the skill of how to make money at any given time. 
The sales pitch is that most self-help “stuff” does not work because other available programs only deliver motivation but no success principles. 
Patric Chan combines the three principle of his life: psychology, mindset and opportunity into his success formula.
While he does not state you become a millionaire overnight he implies that anyone will be able to transform their economic life with the help of this program. He states that regardless of the background anyone can be a millionaire. 
The author’s claim is that if he would lose all of his money today he would make back a million within the next half year to year. And to teach you to able to do that too.

Features at a Glance:

  • 12 hours of “wisdom” and “wealth training” audio (mp3). This impressive collection features interviews with John Assaraf, Bill Bartman, and 10 other experts.
  • Millionaire Blueprints, two eBooks by Patric Chan
  • The Walking with the Wise eBook. With 311 pages, this is the biggest book of the set. Featuring 60 experts, entrepreneurs, and millionaires.
  • Three volumes of Success & Money Report
  • All content is downloadable


  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • inexpensive (USD 47,-)
  • targets a younger generation
  • very easy to understand
  • practical, grounded approach


  • While the audio files and the “Walking with the Wise” eBook feature awesome speakers the parts of the author are not very strong
  • Not for everyone. Targeted at “ordinary people” who enjoy an informal teaching style
  • No further support. You have to be self-motivated
  • Not suitable for Executives or higher managerial levels 


While the program is lacking sophistication, it features many exciting, successful speakers.

It is not a bad program at all, but it is not delivering on the fulminate promises of the sales pitch. The author keeps flirting with the fact that he came from a background of poverty and how much money he made. This is not necessarily bad – just not my personal style.

What I find more motivating than the messages itself is the fact, that the author is an uplifting young person who made a great living for himself and shares his knowledge with the world.

That said it is more a collection of common knowledge that does not go as deep as it would need to retrain your brains or change your beliefs.

The interviews and the book with the collection of other authors are the highlight of this set. 

Buy or not?

At the price of only USD 47,- covered by a 60-day money back guarantee you cannot go wrong. To me, the interview with John Assaraf alone would be worth twice the money.  

In my opinion you should buy it because it introduces you at a very inexpensive price to some fabulous and successful people of our time and you can choose your mentor once you are ready to really retrain your brain and win the game of money.

While in my opinion nobody who could not make it with the message from a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant became a millionaire with this program again you get the chance to hear from 30 very successful people and can chose from whom you want to learn.

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