Individual Coaching

Successful coaching requires a client/coach relationship based on trust and sympathy. On both sides. Therefore, I encourage you to take advantage of my optional offer for a free 10-minute introductory call or drop me a note upfront. 

Emotional Intelligence Training

This powerful 90-day training includes
  • 30-day emotional intelligence training 
  • Brain retraining for cognitive flexibility
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Mindfulness Training

Available as individual and corporate training and digital product for self-study.
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Boost your self-confidence

Project Confidence is a digital training. As my other products, it contains components for every type of learner - whether your prefer to read, watch, hear or do. 
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Brainwave Entrainment / Subliminal

Custom and ready-made brain entrainment for professional and personal use and subliminal audio are available HERE.

Free Educational Series

Project Confidence 

Modular self-study training to increase confidence and empower. 
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VIP Coaching

This option is open for a limited amount of clients. Currently, two spots are available. An introductory call is obligatory. 
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