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Do you feel like life is passing you by?

Discover The Formula for Engaging A "Feel Good" Chemical Response To Connect With Success and Abundance!
Dear Friend,

Is life leaving you feeling empty?

You aren't alone.

People encounter failures on a daily basis. This can lead to low levels of self-esteem, and a lack of confidence in future actions or endeavors.

The opposite is also true. Successful goal achievement leads to confident action.

And because of an automatic and unconscious reward system that boosts feelings of happiness, health and well-being, you can develop rock solid confidence and belief in yourself when you set and achieve even the smallest of goals.

Just look at the facts...
  • As far back as 1908, psychologists discovered that the best results and highest achievements are obtained when an individual steps just outside of their comfort zone.
  • Your brain rewards positive actions and results by releasing endorphins and other pleasure-inducing chemicals that boost confidence and a feeling of happiness.
  • Stress levels are lower in confident people, because the hormones and chemicals which cause them are not promoted by a success-seeking, goal-oriented brain.
  • In the 1960s, we learned visualization was just as effective as physically practicing a task for improving results.

Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Through relentless persistence, astounding achievements are realized, even in the face of significant failure.

What does all this mean?

It means that your brain is hardwired to be confident. Simply by setting and achieving goals, written goals, not fanciful ideas that are merely imagined, your confidence and self-esteem skyrocket.

In fact, you get healthier by setting and achieving goals!

Your body actually increases its resistance to infection and disease when you set and achieve goals. Your stress levels are lower, your happiness level is higher, and your confident belief in yourself extends to every aspect of your life.

So, why isn't everyone and successful?

The truth is, most people don't realize how powerful goals and confidence can be. Check out the following benefits that you receive when you have a confident mindset.
  • Achieving peak performance in athletics
  • An improved immune system
  • A lower risk of developing mental health issues
  • Higher levels of happiness
  • Better health
  • Improved social interactions, including healthy, stronger personal relationships
  • The ability to overcome obstacles which were previously believed to be impossible to conquer
  • A lack of fear in tackling new situations
  • Career and job advancement
  • Living your dream life
Those are just a few of the realities you experience when you invest in  ..

Project Confidence

When you download your copy of this special pack you discover ... 
  • That no one is "born" with confidence, and anyone can develop it.
  • The exact 6 step system for setting and achieving goals that builds success and self-esteem ... even if you fail!
  • The unconscious and automatic chemical processes that create health and happiness whenever you set and achieve goals.
  • Why you should embrace failure, and how the way you look at failure dictates whether you are confident or not.
  • Why obstacles on your path to success and confidence should put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.
  • That confidence compounds upon itself. Gaining confidence in any area of your life boosts confidence in other areas.
  • Why you should set challenging goals instead of ones that are easy to achieve.
  • That you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  • Why "doing something crazy" and taking an unrealistic approach to a pressing problem might be the key to success.

Confidence can be yours!

It is simply achievable. The most successful people understand that confidence and self-esteem are linked with goal setting and accomplishment.

You just have to understand the "right" way to set goals.

Stop yearning for the “what could have been” and start LIVING your dreams!
Independence, new opportunities, freedom and the lifestyle you deserve can be yours when take charge of your own direction and take control with "Project Confidence”, a comprehensive pack of tools for every type of learner.

Download your confidence pack

Break the vicious circle now!

Deep down we still have the instincts of a prehistoric animal. We sense fear. We smell insecurity. 

We do not trust people who do not trust themselves. 

We perceive insecurity as weakness. Often, we take advantage of this weakness. 

Not only will more confidence help you to get more of what you want and become a happier person ... 
  • You can influence people easier if you radiate confidence
  • People are less likely to give you a hard time
  • Just by expecting more from life the filters in your brain will change 
Just imagine you could use all of the energy you use on doubts, fear, and hesitation towards your goal. 

Well, now you can!

This offer is not time limited. There are no "act now or never" bonuses. You will not be presented with a "you will only see this once" offer and nobody will push you into a "sales funnel". Your inbox will not be bombarded. 

I also do not believe in made up value-propositions. Your cost is the price of the brainwave entrainment sessions. That's it. 

What is limited, though, is our lifetime. The best time to start to create positive change is now. 

Why is the pack so inexpensive? For the chance of getting to know each other. 


Answer to the three question I get asked most often in private consultations: 

Q. When I get around other people I am anxious and stressed. How can I cure my social anxiety to enjoy more personal relationships?

A. Social anxiety often comes from a feeling of low self-esteem. You don't feel like you have anything to offer the world. If these thoughts have led you to cloister yourself away from others, and you interact with people on an extremely limited basis, you may want to seek the aid of a counselor or therapist.

In many cases however, you simply need to approach the problem head on. 

Start small. Get up the courage to speak to a total stranger. This may be your mailman, someone at work, or a person you meet while shopping. Sometimes just saying "Hello" can be very tough. However, over time, you will see that your feelings of anxiety are misplaced, and that others do want to talk to and interact with you. 

Slowly expand this one-on-one interaction to larger social groups. Spend time with the friend or friends that you are comfortable around. Tell them how you feel. They can help ease you into social situations where you can lean on them as a crutch emotionally. The fact that you notice you have an anxiety problem in social situations means you want to change it. That is the beginning of conquering your feelings of self-doubt, becoming comfortable and confident around others.

Q. Is it true that what I eat has a role in whether I feel confident or not?

A. The food and drink you put into your body is largely responsible for your emotions. This is because your emotions are often triggered by hormonal and chemical responses. Eat too much refined sugar, salt and white flour, and stress hormones abound. Reduce your consumption of those foods, skip the caffeine and processed food, and "feel good" chemicals are released.

Boosting your confidence level is definitely doable by changing your diet. Eat more raw foods, like fruits and vegetables, berries and nuts, and less processed, fast foods, energy drinks and the like. Drink alcohol moderately, if at all. It only takes a few days for a healthy approach to nutrition to dramatically improve how you feel like yourself.

Q. What are the common triggers of low self-esteem, and how can I trigger confidence instead?

A. Certain people, places and things immediately cause you to feel uncertainty, anxiety and a lack of confidence. This is because when you have been in these situations before you have either under-performed, or your lack of belief in yourself was confirmed. One simple way to keep this from happening is to avoid those triggers which make you feel bad about yourself.

Spend your time with people that appreciate you instead. If you experience self-doubt eating out at a restaurant with your friends because you are on a diet, invite them over to your place instead, and provide a healthy dinner for everyone. Identifying when you feel confident, and when you feel a lack of confidence, means you can skip those situations you should avoid, and spend time on confidence-boosting experiences instead.

Q. How can I use confidence in some areas of my life to boost my low self-esteem in other areas?

A. Almost everyone feels good about something they do. You may have absolutely no doubt about your ability to perform a certain task or skill. Research has shown that you can use this fact to your advantage if you suffer low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in other areas of your life.

Think about the feelings you have when you are doing that thing you are so good at. You are confident when you perform some task at work, play a particular sport, or tackle a new recipe. When you are faced with a lack of confidence, stop what you are doing and remember the last time you were supremely confident.

How did you feel? What thoughts went through your mind? Why do you think you were so confident about your actions? The answers to these questions can help you erase a low level of self-esteem and lack of confidence, by "borrowing" your feelings and mindset that are related to something you are very confident about.

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