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It's no coincidence that people with a high EQ are successful in business and happier in their personal life. 

The skill set of self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and the ability to influence others enables us to form and nurture positive relationships.

Support under-performing staff, reduce the number of stress-related sick-days, save money by giving people the tool to resolve pricey conflicts. 

Help your stuff to more efficiency while at their same time supporting their well-being. 

Digital 30-day course. 

The ability to adapt to change fast will become even more important over the next years. 

Cognitive flexibility allows us fast shifts of thoughts and to adapt our behaviour according to an ever changing environment. 

Mindfulness allows us to gain back control over our mind, manage stress effectively and even change our brain. 

Available as digital training, on-site and remote. 

Brain entrainment is the most simple and cost-effective way to accelerate the speed to goal achievement. 

Brainwave audio streamlines brainwaves and work directly on "the source", the subconscious. 

Is your staff stressed, do you want to help them to learn better? Be more focused? 

Ready-made and custom audio is available. 

Custom sessions are exclusive and handcrafted to support your individual goal. Commercial licenses are available too. 

The best about brain entrainment? You don't have to believe that it works. Look at the samples and see for yourself. 

Digital download

Mike Bosworth disrupted the sales training market when he created an industry standard: Solution Selling®

He did it again. Story Seekers® is a Human Connection Training for salespeople and other people. 

Utilising the power of story, participants develop a mindset that allows them to accelerate the speed of trust and create emotional connections with buyers. 

Story Seekers® is the first training and proven framework that teaches (sales)people soft skills. 

Corporate Training, Keynotes, Public Workshops

Contact me to discuss your individual coaching needs. 

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