Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

Social competence and cognitive flexibility are crucial skills to be successful in business and in life. 

Emotionally intelligent people are more likeable, persuasive and able to form and nurture positive relationships. 

They can effectively manage stress and are more productive. 

While people with a low EQ often subconsciously create success-blockers by reacting to past events, people with a high EQ are fully aware of their emotions, the source of their emotions - and they are in control of their actions. 

Because they also have a deeper understanding of the emotions and motives of the people they engage with, they are able to influence change.
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Who benefits most from this training?

It is not possible to define a specific target group for intelligence. EQ is considered more important than IQ by the majority of people. 

While the set of skills and character traits emotionally intelligent people possess are considered leadership skills, the benefits of self-awareness, self-regulation, influence and social awareness enhance the quality of everybody's life. 

The first EQ training that alters the DMN!

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