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Is Jaaxy scam? Is jaaxy fraud? review of jaaxy
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Is Jaaxy a Scam? Let’s Break it Down

One of the most important factors in gaining an audience for your online business is SEO. Nowadays, this doesn’t mean spending time trying to gather up as many backlinks as possible or other dishonest factors which don’t work anymore. Rather, it means trying to target specific keyword strings within Google and write your article surrounding this.

The hardest part of doing this is finding the right keywords to target. For a smaller website, you need to find low competition keywords that still get some traffic. The traffic thing is pretty straightforward, but what characterizes a low competition keyword? How do you find these keywords? That’s where Jaaxy comes in.

What is Jaaxy? Is Jaaxy scam?

Jaaxy is not a scam. Jaaxy is a fantastic keyword research tool that is different from anything else on the market. The main feature of Jaaxy not typically offered by other keyword research tools is something called QSR. This is also known as “exact competition.” It is essentially the number of pages indexed by Google that have that exact keyword string. Keywords that have a QSR below 100 are very low competition and can easily be ranked under as long as you write quality content regularly on your website.

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Spying on the Competition

Even if your keyword appears to have little competition it is good to know who the few people are you are up against. That’s why Jaaxy has a tool called SERPS. This is used to analyze the top ten ranking pages for that keyword and view their authority on the web.

If they are really major, high-ranked pages it may be really difficult to rank for that keyword. If they for instance, have TONS of quality backlinks or a really high “Page Rank” this may be an indication they are a really authoritative website.

Earning on the Go

Jaaxy also plays friendly with mobile devices. You can use the website on an Android, iPhone, iPad, and just about every other mobile device without any issues. This is great because it allows you to do work on the go. When you are commuting or waiting in a line you can get some keyword research done to make use of your time. There’s nothing more pro than making waiting in a line.

How Much is This Going to Run Me?

You can start by signing up for Jaaxy completely FREE. With a free account you begin with 30 keyword searches. This is a great amount to get a feel for Jaaxy and how it works. As I said this is completely FREE leaving you with absolutely no reason to not give it a try.

You can create your free account here.

After you use your free credits and decide Jaaxy will be a good fit for your business you can purchase a Pro membership. This starts at only $19 a month. This is a really great price for all the tools Jaaxy has (which I haven’t even scratched the surface of in this article) and all the money it’ll make you in the long run. The Pro membership gives you UNLIMITED searches and access to special tools.

Hopefully, this was able to give you a good idea of what Jaaxy is and why it’s a great investment for any online business owner. If you have any questions leave a comment and the site owner or I would be glad to address them for you.


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