Aurorasa Sima

Mindfulness Training with Aurorasa

My approach to mindfulness is as individual as your needs!

Mindfulness Coaching

In your personal coaching session, we will analyze your individual needs and define areas with potential for improvement. 

Additionally, after the session you will receive a tool that will aid you in achieving your goal.

That can be exercises, meditations, brainwave entrainment or an eBook.

You have the option to add an additional hour of personal coaching (1 week after the initial session) at a reduced price. 

You will be forwarded to a page with access to my calendar where you can choose between video and audio call. 
My choice

Digital Mindfulness Training

The best alternative to personal coaching is a self-study program. 

Click to learn more about my complete, cost-efficient digital training

Brainwave Entrainment "Meditation"

6 Brainwave Entrainment Meditations support your efforts and accelerate your speed to success. 

Can be used stand-alone. 
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