NeuroGym Warning “Winning the Game of Money”

In 2015, I came across “Winning the Game of Money,” a training of NeuroGym. I liked it. They asked me to partner with them and recommend their training and earn a commission if people buy it.

Back then, it was good training and NeuroGym was a coaching company. I spoke about the training positively.

I hesitated for two months because I feel saying something bad about a struggling company is bad style. However, I decided betraying your trust is worse.

NeuroGym cannot help you “Winning the Game of Money.”

When I received the message below two days ago (even though I unsubscribed from all communication in 2017,) I decided to come clean with you. After seeing this message, I’m unable to assume innocence any longer. Unnecessary to mention that I’m “All out.”

Years have passed and the company has changed. Since 2017, I mention that I recommend unsubscribing from their newsletters right away as they had become very spammy. I stopped recommending the training, but the internet doesn’t forget and still send people over for my 2015 – 2016 posts.

Before you have the slightest chance to transform, you will get bombarded with offers from their “friends.” Over the years, their focus shifted from transformation to push as many products as possible out without care for the client. They chose their “friends” based on how many “clicks” they can send them – not the quality of their training.

Many people started buying several pieces of training. Convincing, fascinating, terrific shows and copywriting are a strength of NeuroGym. Their marketing is incredible!

At the point when I recommended “unsubscribe,” I should have done research. However, I was busy growing my coaching business. I apologize deeply for that.

NeuroGym has changed into an aggressive internet marketing company and they turned into a dishonest company.

Feedback of former employees, a pessimistic financial outlook, and own experience leave me only one choice if I want to continue to deserve your trust:

I cannot recommend NeuroGym training anymore.

Or to be exact, I stopped recommending the training years ago. Now I advise against it.

According to reports of former employees and partners, they are currently paying their “friends” and debtors and even staff up to many months late and stopped responding to phone calls and emails.

The fact that they stopped responding to emails and calls suggests that it’s not a good idea to buy from their automated webinars at this time.

It made me think of the text John Assaraf sent when his former company, One Coach, declared bankruptcy:

Bankrupcy can happen

Don’t get me wrong. We’re all just one cancer, delinquent company, or catastrophe away from needing help.

However, it’s a bit more tricky if you’re selling expensive training that is supposed to help others clone your success. Or “Winning the Game of Money.”

But, fine, it can still happen. Not responding to emails and phone calls might not be a clever strategy if you’re unable to pay what you owe staff, partners, vendors, and debtors.

I said earlier I wasn’t able to assume innocence any longer when I received a message inviting me to promote a new “make more money” event in October.

NeuroGym is unable to pay their bills. From the looks of it, they might be heading towards the next bankruptcy.

I feel the honest thing to do if you learn that you’re not able to do what you promise, is to stop.

If I would repeatedly beat up people with a baseball bat, I would take an anger management course and not create the next mindfulness training. Also, I would communicate it.

John Assaraf is a gifted presenter and salesman. However, if you don’t pay your debtors for half a year, you don’t have a business.

Maybe the next time someone tells us they built several million dollar companies, we should ask if they mean million dollars in debt.

If you have purchased a NeuroGym training in 2018/2019 based on my positive review, I will send you a 25% coupon, valid for ALL of our training- and coaching products AND services. Just contact me HERE with your name and date you purchased a NeuroGym training.

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