What great Salespeople do

Do we still need salespeople?

Short answer: Yes, we need great ones with a high EQ. 

The internet with all of its possibilities has changed the buying process. 20 years ago a prospect was depending on the salesperson to bring him up to date with the current developments. 

Today when a prospect picks up the phone to call a salesperson he is at a later stage of the decision process. He has educated himself on available solutions and probably just calls to ask a few price- or feature questions. Or he needs list fodder to find rational arguments for his emotional decision for another vendor. That is not a good position to win a client. 

He has a vision. And you are not part of it. 

Then there is the group of people who is not on the market for what you have to offer. How many people that would benefit from your solution are actually looking? Chances are, it´s about 5 %. 

In addition to the "usual suspects" you are also competing with shorter attention spans. Social media, incoming text messages, email and more demanding goals than ever make sure that you do not have a lot of time to get through to a prospect. 

People connect with people that they trust. People do not trust classical salespeople. 

The time of sleazy, pushy, salespeople is over.  Now is the time for great salespeople. Great salespeople are able to gain instant connection and trust. They have a high EQ and are able to utilize the connection and trust and win  clients, deals and contracts. 

When pushy "elevator pitches" are not doing it because you are dealing with a clever, educated crowd - it´s time to find another approach. 

Story Seekers® delivers a framework to (sales)people that allows anyone to influence change. Utilizing the power of storytelling and even more important story tending, Story Seekers® are able to connect with those who are looking and those who should be looking in an instant. 

"People buy from people they trust." Mike Bosworth

Trust is not only the basis for turning prospects into client and win "lost" deals by rebuilding their vision - people who trust you will listen to you and be influenced by you so that you can turn those who are not looking into your prospects and clients. 

Head on over to Story Seekers® and learn more. 

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