It’s time to sharpen your social skills

Emotional intelligence and social skills are meanwhile considered important leadership qualities. For good reason. 

Empathy (not to be mistaken for compassion or sympathy) allows you to understand the emotions and motives of others. That enables you to form and nurture better relationship, reduce conflicts and influence others. Not only human resource departments and management, salespeople can also greatly benefit from empathy.

There are two forms of empathy: Emotional empathy and cognitive empathy. Cognitive empathy can be learned. 

Social Awareness

Every contact with another person, equals a negotiation. Even if we just walk by a stranger on the street and agree who walks on the left side. Whether you negotiate a contract with the purchase department or convince your children to be home by midnight – you are constantly negotiating. 

The better you are able to connect with someone and speak to his basic motive, the more successful will your negotiations be. 

In this training, you will learn to implement a proven framework that allows you to accurately assess people’s personalities. But you not only learn how to manage every personality type, you will also learn how to better manage yourself: 


Self-empathy helps you to gain a clear understanding of your own emotions and motives. By understanding your basic motive and dominant character traits, you will be able to gain better control over your mind and your emotions.

Understanding our values, needs and personalities can help us find situations that serve us well and avoid situations that don’t. 

This exercise helps you to to find skill-gaps that stand between you and your desired goal.

You can reduce your stress-level and motivate yourself with ease. 


Understanding what makes someone "tick" allows you to persuade them.


Become a better negotiator; in business and in everyday negotiations.


Minimize conflicts and increase the quality of your relationships.

Project Empathy Social Skills Training

What if I told you that you can increase your empathy in a month with a time investment of less than an hour per week? 

In this 4-week training, you learn easy to implement ways to increase your empathy. Self-assessments, exercises and training material support you to step-by-step develop and increase your empathy. 

I’ll also introduce you to the the Humm-Wadsworth temperament scale and you will learn how to implement it to accurately assess the personality and basic motive of people. 


“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”

How does this work?

For four weeks, you will receive training lessons and exercises for hands-on training once a week. 

The material is available through our membership site. 

Your membership never expires.