Winning the Game of Money 2017 Review

Is Brain-A-Thon 2017 worth your time?

For those of you who do not know John Assaraf's "Winning the Game of Money" and the complimentary annual "Brain-A-Thon": At the end of this posts are links to articles that share details about the training and former Brain-A-Thons. You have every right to be a skeptic (just like me) when you read about the next "free" event. Time is the most precious good we have so that nothing is free. Ever. I have to correct myself. Sadly, most of these events are free. Free of value but full of sales pitches and shallow information.
"Must attend"-event is an expression I have never used and I also dislike it. Given how loud our world has become, it is hard to convey when you come across something that has unique value and stands out from all the empty screams surrounding us.
This is hands-on the best free source available in brain training. I'd be more than willing to pay for it for that matter - but it is free.
New content, new speakers, "old" proven speakers - 5 leading industry experts share pearls of knowledge in this 2-hour event.
Here is what you will learn:
  • "You’ll discover how to eliminate the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck at a certain income level
  • You’ll learn how to reprogram your brain so you can work towards adding an extra ‘0’ to your monthly income
  • You’ll be able to rewrite your money story so you can break through to that next level of wealth and abundance
  • You’ll learn how to shift from a “middle-class mindset” to the “mindset of the rich”
  • You’ll learn how to get rid of the mental and emotional blocks that prevent you from earning what you deserve"
I suggest you reserve your spot right now. Discover how you can get rid of the mental and emotional blocks holding you back from earning what you deserve.
You can decide how you want to live your life and how much you want to earn. Making the right choices is not always easy. Joan Baez said:
"You don't get to chose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now."
Life is too short to worry about paying bills or if you can support the non-profit and afford that doctor.
The Brain-A-Thon is a refresher if you're already "there" and the first step to breaking your financial barriers if you're not. Reserve your seat HERE.
I'd love to hear what you thought about the event!!!
PS: For those who want to try the program, NeuroGym now offers a 1$ trial. Get it HERE 
More info about Winning the Game of Money and Brain-A-Thons:

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Why LOA Does Not Work For You – Revisited

Today I was reminded of an old post of mine when I watched a fabulous series of videos by NeuroGym's John Assaraf. Ah, sweet nostalgia. I wrote this in summer 2015 when I just started this blog. "Why the law of attraction is not working for you" NeuroGym has created a series of four free videos of which the first has been released to the public today.

NeuroGym Winning the Game of Money Video Series

I had the pleasure to watch the videos and am thrilled to share them with you. Not only do they contain the explanation why the law of attraction does not seem to work for you - they also provide a solution. These videos contain more value than a lot of paid programs and I consider them a must watch. You can watch them HERE

It's all about the brain

Certain areas of the brain influence whether you are going to achieve your goals or fail. The good thing is that neuroscience also offers us ways to unlock these hidden gates to our inner power. The brain is able to produce hormones that make us withdraw, give up and fail. Brain regions like the fear center are very helpful when a bear is after you. They are counterproductive if we hunt a goal. How can you change your brain to support you in achieving your goals rather than making it harder or even impossible? Find out now. WATCH VIDEO

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The truth about John Assaraf

Who is John Assaraf? Is John Assaraf Scam?

"Is John Assaraf Scam" "Is Neurogym a cult" "Is Brain-a-thon a fraud" "Is John Assaraf Mormon" - only to name a few of the questions brought to me.
As every successful person, John Assaraf is polarizing. Recently, I have received a lot of questions regarding him and his programs. Therefore, I have decided to put together a few facts about his career for you. Do not get too excited! I really do not know if he is a Mormon and in all honesty I do not really care.
John Assaraf Scam, John Assaraf Fraud, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Weight-loss
John Assaraf Scam, John Assaraf Fraud, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Weight-lossJohn Assaraf has established himself as a man of many hats. He has run multiple successful companies and discovered countless nuggets of wisdom in his studies of human nature. His main focus in life is helping other people unlock their hidden potential by successfully conquering their problems and setbacks.
John has made appearances on numerous shows with several hosts throughout the major networks, from Anderson Cooper and Ellen to CNN and Larry King Live. He was a part of, “The Secret,” the smash hit book and film, and he also associated with the Dalai Lama in the documentary, “Quest for Success.”
John Assaraf Scam, John Assaraf Fraud, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Weight-lossJohn holds several free Brain-A-Thon events every year throughout America, offering people a free way to improve their brains and their lives, not to mention his free online events. These events teach confidence training, problem solving and business success strategies.They will prove valuable to any business owner, entrepreneur - or anyone else who wants to earn a lot of money and retire young. John frequently travels the world, spreading the word of his discoveries and products to as many people as possible.
Boasting a long career that spans 25 years, John Assaraf has penned two New York Times Best Selling books and raised five highly successful businesses. His newest endeavor, PraxisNow, focuses on some of the most impressive brain training programs and products available on the market.His current programs:
These products have been employed by thousands of people throughout the entire world, and these people have discovered their hidden potential and taken the right steps toward business and personal success. These products have changed the lives of countless people and helped to build numerous businesses into the successful powerhouses that their founders envisioned.
These products and programs are 100% unique. These aren’t “get rich quick” schemes that never work and simply waste your money and effort, these are revolutionary techniques that can help any person achieve their dreams and reach financial security through the sheer power of their own potential.
John isn’t alone. He employs the help of countless doctors, guest speakers and research experts to help create lectures and programs that aid in helping people the world over achieve
their dreams. His lectures in particular span a variety of topics, from properly planning for success to erasing bad habits that could hurt any business.
These products are simply amazing. When it comes to brain training products that focus on promoting business success and eliminating negative business activity, few figures or companies have created products that even come close to the effectiveness that John has reached with his deeply studied, highly researched products, programs, tips and techniques.
These products help with a wide range of business issues, from dealing with the business itself to handling the important problems and struggles often faced by business owners. With the proper guide and the right tools, any business owner can use these programs to not only achieve, but even exceed, their dreams and goals.
What do you have to lose? Try these products today to unlock your maximum potential!  

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Is John Assaraf Scam?

Review of the Winning the Game of Money

Winning the Game of Money -  Brain-A-Thon

Is John Assaraf Scam? Winning the Game of MoneyMany people are wondering if John Assaraf and his programs are fraud. The “Winning the Game of Money,” Brain-a-thon system is a success coaching and brain retraining tool. It has been developed by John Assaraf and features 5 of the leading brain researchers and mind experts.Here is a video for those who are unfamiliar with John Assaraf. Short Overview: It is his newest program. He is known for several TV appearances, movies, audio books, speaker events, books  (The Secret, Law of Attraction, Having it all, Winning the Game of Money and many more). In the first seven days after launching 15.000 have signed up for the training. John Assaraf is perceived as the “Top Neuro-Training Authority”. Read also: 2016 Update 2017 Update

All Neurogym Brain-A-Thons

john assaraf scam winning the game of money review

Features at a Glance:

  • 9 Level brain re-training system
  • Contains audio, videos, live support, webinars, handbook
  • One year VIP support and coaching within a closed community. Personal contact with John Assaraf and other industry experts
  • Extensive bonus material (including the complete  bestselling program “having it all”)
  • 90-day intensive brain-retraining
  • Live Phone support
  • The included “Million Dollar Library” includes: Mark Waldman, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, Bill Seidman, George Pratt, Ken Druck, Bo Eason, Dr. Brian Alman, Tristan Truscott, Joe Sweeney, Ari Whitten, Mark Lack, Gay Hendricks, Ken Druck, Jim Bunch, Marcia Wieder, David Bach, Tom Antion, Dave Ellis, Allison Maslan, JJ Virgin
  • The also included success manifesto series includes training/videos from 20 of the “who is who” of money and success and other mindset experts.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee, unconditional
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Audio, Video can be downloaded, yours to keep
  • Used with outstanding results, by professionals from entrepreneur to salesperson and board member (according to vendor)
  • I have followed up with over 30 raving reviews to make sure it is real people with real stories
  • Complex material made accessible and easy to follow
  • Participants reached results at a high level
  • Evidence proven


  • Only available in English
  • Cost $ 997 seems high for a digital product
  • MP3 or music file player needed (no CDs included, only digital mp3 files)
  • Company seems to be changing from a coaching to an "online marketing" company and does not always seem to have the best interest of their clients in mind
  •  Biggest "Con" = very aggressive email marketing. You will receive messages promoting offers from "friends" every other day and long before you could implement what you learn in your first course. And this company has more "friends" than anyone you ever heard of. Tip: Unsubscribe button! Please let me know should that have changed, I unsubscribed from all communication and would not know. 


The brain-a-thon by John Assaraf is a unique and extremely powerful program. In both, the free and full version.
I suggest you unsubscribe/ignore the very many upsell, cross sell and what-not sell efforts as they might keep you from staying on your current topic and you might move on to the next before you successfully implemented the first.
While with the programs "Winning the Game of Fear" and bestselling "Having it all" the participants achieved outstanding results, the brain-a-thon is way superior.
It is the most complete brain re-train system available on the market today and the result of over 20 years of studies.
In addition to the powerful training, 1 year intensive support and coaching by John Assaraf and David Waldman (Live Events, Community, training), the added “bonuses” alone have a value I could not qualify in a number.
The free 6-hour web event is a powerful success blocker eliminator in itself. Attending the free seminar alone can end procrastination for everyone and lead to more success.
Where to buy: Directly from vendor HERE
UPDATE: Since July 2017 NeuroGym offers a $1 trial (might not be available forever.)  You can get it HERE 
Free Workshop:  Sign up HERE

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