Mind Movies Matrix Review 2016

Should you buy Matrix?

I was excited to check out Mind Movies latest release of Matrix because it is speaking about two things you always hear me talking about too: Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. Now, we all know that many products that talk about something do not deliver.
Mind Movies Matrix
So here is my evaluation of Mind Movies Matrix:

What is Natalie Ledwell´s Matrix?

Mind Movies is on the market for a few years now, and this is the 3rd annual release of Matrix. It´s a transformation program. Matrix is a multi-sensory success system and comes with a combination of coaching calls, audio, video and sleep meditation audio. Morry Zelcovitch Mind Movies MatrixWhat is new in the 2016 launch is that Morry Zelcovitch, an expert in brain entrainment has worked with Mind Movies on this product. For two years he helped create this latest, very advanced version of Mind Movies. Morry also has collaborated with the Brazilian military to train officers to achieve peak performance. Brainwave entrainment utilizes alpha, theta and delta waves and is a sound technology that is also used in Winning the Game of Money. The claim is that the technology puts your brain on "autopilot" for success. The goal is to help you to get rid of any blockages that result from past hurt and negative experience. What exactly is included in Matrix?
  • Four new Matrix Mind Movies including brainwave entrainment - Money - Weightloss - Relationships - Perfect Partner
  • Four subliminal Matrix Mind Movies without brainwave entrainment
  • Four subliminal success audios (also Money, Weight loss, Relationships, Perfect Partner)
  • Sleep Meditation Audio and AS OF TODAY (subject to change)
  • Bonus: Mind Mastery Success Summit recording (with Bob Procter, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Nick Ortner and others)
  • Access to Natalie's personal blog where you can ask her questions
  • Weekly recording of coaching calls with success guru
Mind Movies Matrix Contents

Pro´s and Con´s

  • Leading edge technology
  • Excessive amount of quality content
  • Many happy clients report that this program is effective
  • Excellent(!) support that replies in record time
  • The program does not take a lot of time - you might even save time by working more focused
  • Inexpensive, flexible payment options
  • 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Recorded coaching sessions are not as strong as personal coaching
  • Product is only virtual (no paper or discs)
  • Results do not come as easy as promised

How to buy Matrix

As mentioned earlier, the full program is inexpensive. 6 payments á $ 65 for achieving better results in life is a steal really. Multiple payment methods are possible.
The checkout is Norton secured. Mind Movies has a BBB accreditation.
I suggest you start with the free quiz before you make your final decisions (you can also buy from there).

Final Verdict

From my personal experience as a coach (and also as a person) the problem is not how good a product is but how good it is at motivating you long-term to use it. So this is what I am judging here. You might buy the best treadmill in the world or the worst. Your success will depend on how often you are going to use it. Many personal development programs have awesome sales pitches and after watching their sales webinar, all you want to scream is: YES, TAKE ME ON THE TRIP, IT ALL MAKES SENSE! But then they fail at guiding you through the process of transforming. Think of "The Secret" (movie or audio). While especially the movie might be overly simplified, the message and teachings are correct. So why is not everyone who watched the movie and was sold on it a millionaire today? You guessed it. Just like with learning a new language for most it´s not enough to read a language book if the teacher is not okay. For a) the quality of the material and b) the ability to help you see it through I rate this program a 9/10 If I had to say if the program appeals more to women or men I would have to say: women. For men I recommend to also check out NeuroGym (see below). Please note that I was speculating to whom it will appeal more. It works for both genders alike.

Other Success Coaching and Transformation Program Reviews:

This list only includes reviews for programs that have scored 8 - 10/10

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Review of Story Seekers, Mike Bosworth Leadership

Story Seekers Chicago

Story Seekers Open Workshop

This honest review of Story Seekers will look at the good and the bad.
Mike Bosworth founded Mike Bosworth Leadership in 2008. In the late 90ties, he became a legend of sales training with his Solution Selling program. Back then (and that has not changed until this day) around 20 % (or less) of the salespeople accounted for 80 % of the sales.Mike´s mission was to help the 80 % underperforming salespeople to keep up with the pack at the top.

Mike´s headache

It turned out that Solution Selling made the top 20 % even better. But it did not make the other 80 % better. The gap even increased. From a technical point of view, Solution Selling was (and is!) perfect. But there was one link missing. In early 2008 Mike discovered the power of Story. But story is not story. The best story told the wrong way is not captivating the listener. The most captivating story might not influence change in the listener. At first, Mike thought that these soft skills cannot be trained. But Mike would not be a legend of sales training if he would have left it at this. Mike discovered and analyzed and was able to create a framework that will allow anyone to influence through connective listening and the power of story.

Who needs Story Seekers and why?

Story Seekers is not limited to salespeople. It is for anyone who is in the position of influencing change in others. From online marketer to fundraiser, board director, coach to a lawyer, public speaker, realtor... Naturally, Sales Managers with a team of sales guys with empty pipelines and a track record of lost RFP´s can help their teams with this tool. Story Seekers takes the salesy, the sleazy and the pushiness out of sales. It teaches how to influence change through the art of storytelling and most importantly story tending. Salespeople are not very good listeners. You could say that we have a tendency to suffer from selective hearing. We learned not to think in features but solutions. Soon solutions became our new features. As soon as a customer mentions A-NY-THING that could allow us to propose our solution we stop listening. While we look at the client, we count the commission in our brains and wait for the next best moment to interrupt or for when the prospect needs to take a breath. At the point you throw in solutions, it´s too late to learn about the story of the prospect. The discussion will drift to discussions about the "solution" or even technical environment. At this point, you do not know the vision of the prospect and you are rather lucky if your solution happens to fit and you get the deal.
It does takes a while to shake off the reflex of forcing solutions on a client instead of listening to him.

The Story Seekers Workshop

Rob Stenberg and John Kratz, two of Mike´s Affiliates invited me to come to Minnesota for a Workshop. The Workshop is 2.5 days long. You already know the agenda of the training - teaching us how to influence change through connective listening and a powerful sales/influencer story so that I will focus on the quality of the WS. The rotation of team tasks, tasks, listening mode and reflection kept everyone's attention throughout the 2.5 days. I do not find anything to criticize. Mike Bosworth´s Workshops are not the type where you just sit passive. In the evenings, you will have to do homework.

The good

  • Extremely skilled, qualified and also likable set of trainer
  • Excellent trainer that are not just talk but have "street" experience and sales success
  • It was amazing to see how the attendees grew in the course of the 2.5 days
  • It is not a "story teller" workshop but a story influencer training

The bad

  • I would have wished for some follow-up support until Story Seekers becomes a habit and maybe a few tools to make it even easier for me to implement Story Seekers. Well, it´s maybe not "the bad" because no other training offers this
  • You will have to discipline yourself after the training to further your art


Story Seeker will change the way influencer communicate for good. Besides all of the testimonials (we all know how that sometimes works, right?) I have seen other people and myself grow in just 2.5 days. But do not take my word for it. Take my life for it. A "LinkedIn expert" has recently deleted my entrance jobs from my profile (data entry, team assistant). The expert was not impressed that I have no formal education. I did not study or earn an MBA or anything like that. My LinkedIn starts at when I became a secretary. http://linkedin.com/in/aurorasa.coaching What you will see is that I took one course: Mike Bosworth´s Solution Selling. Followed by years of successful sales and sales management career at companies like SAP and Logica UK (Management Consulting, Enterprise Intelligence, Data Mining, Export Manager). Pretty impossible, huh? I had no idea what performance indicators or neural networks are. What you will also discover is that THE sales trainer legend Mike Bosworth has asked me if I wanted to work with him. I have a great business and have no intention to work for someone. So I waited a while until I said: OH, YES, MIKE!!!!!! I am now holding dream jobs at once.
Regarding "the bad": It´s a positive now. Everyone who books their workshop or company training HERE gets 1 month of exclusive access to my membership area, weekly support calls and tools that will allow him to make Story Seekers their new habit even faster. Included in the regular fee.I rest my case and leave the conclusion about the quality of MB training up to you. For information on company training and the next open workshops click HERE

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Mary Morrissey The Dream Builder 2015 Review

The DreamBuilder 2015 Review Marry MorrisseyFor the launch of the 2015 version of The DreamBuilder Webcast, Mary has added some gifts and further enhanced the product. Four experts are joining Mary.

The DreamBuilder 2015 will premiere on November 14th.

For those of you who are new readers of my blog (Welcome, Welcome!) and those who do not know the fabulous Mary Morrissey yet:

Mary´s mission is to help you live a life full of abundance, joy and happiness. Her knowledge and teaching skills are said to be unmatched. She is no stranger to failure and huge success and has helped many thousands of people achieve their goals.

But is the new version of The DreamBuilder worth your time?

I will give you one important piece of information right away and leave the conclusion up to you: Not just I consider Mary Morrissey an extraordinary teacher. Coaches who recommend DreamBuilder 2015 include:
Bob Proctor, Mind Movies, Sonia Ricotti, Eben Pagan, Bill Harris, Tapping Solution, Learning Strategies, Evolving Wisdom, Jennifer McLean, Bob Doyle, Ted McGrath, Karl Moore, Chris Cade, Joe Rubino, Stanley Dawejko jr, Carol Allen, Christopher Westra, Shun Jian, Richard Paylor, Michael Webb, Ric Thompson, Riley Dayne (The Abundance Factor) John Eggen, Abundant Mind, Graham Dragon, Liem Nguyen, Olga Geistfeld, Tim Pond ... and many more
Interesting, isn't it?

The DreamBuilder 2015 Review, Mary Morrissey

I will focus on the features of this year's launch as I have already posted a detailed review and other info that you can find here: 
  • The details of the 9-week program can be found HERE
  • Find out about the next LIVE DreamBuilder HERE
  • Do you want to learn more about Mary? Please click HERE
Besides adding even more content to the product, Mary also added even more goodies. This year in addition to the free DreamBuilder Kit Mary has provided 3 brand new videos. 

The first video is teaching us about two powerful signals the Universe is sending - that we might not see. Mary shares how we can detect and then take action on those otherwise "secret" signals. 

My "aha-moment" was when Mary in that video shared the one powerful question that supercharges your ability to connect with your Higher Self. And identify your life´s purpose. 

Click on the picture below to grab the first Video right now: 

To be the first to receive the next videos you can either revisit my blog on November 9th or you can sign up to my newsletter. I will gladly make sure that you receive them directly in your inbox. 

From what I have seen I can tell you that much: You do not want to miss the next two videos. 

Speakers for The DreamBuilder 2015 are: 

The DreamBuilder Speaker

If you would like to sign up to my newsletter I can make sure that you do not miss out on the premiere event. The registration is not open yet and spaces will be limited.  BUT if you click on the picture right now it will lead you to 10 free videos (;

Final Verdict

Any form of coaching is human to human. At the end of the day, it depends on your chemistry with a person if they can help you grow. You might have heard something several times, but it does not have a meaning until someone else tells you. 

I am 120 % sold on Mary. Her hard skills, her knowledge, system, and technique are flawless. The deliverables, both of the full program and the free goodies, are way ahead of the "competition". 

That is fact. 

Another fact is that the single most important factor of if you can benefit from a program is: Do YOU like the coach. If you do not like them you will make up rational reasons against the program. 

I for one love Mary. In another post, I worded it like this: Mary is like a firm handshake. And that stands for the following soft skills: Integrity, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Honesty, Strengths, Energy. Accountability. 

See for yourself and grab your free video now:


Related offers and info:

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Mary Morrissey Review – The DreamBuilder

Review of The DreamBuilder Program

Review of The DreamBuilder by Mary MorrisseyThe DreamBuilder by Marry Morrissey's Life Mastery Academy is a 90-day (120) system for professionals who want to dissolve success-blockers and make the life of their dreams their reality and status quo.

That sounds similar to what other programs claim. Can this one deliver?

DreamBuilder comes in two versions.
  • A live event
  • A program

This review is for the program. Please find the review of the live event HERE

The DreamBuilder - Life Mastery Institute Review

Life Mastery Review Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey is a spiritual life coach with over 40 years of professional experience. To learn more about Mary and her accolades, please read HERE

While her accolades are impressive (best-selling author, raving reviews and much more) they are not important for this review.

What matters right now is: Will this program enable YOU to transform YOUR life?

What is Mary Morrissey's DreamBuilder System?

It is a proven system to enable you to jumpstart the results you want to see.

While a lot of programs claim to teach you how to use the Universal Laws to your advantage, most of them fail at delivering the desired transformation. Many people nod and agree, but they do not seem to be able to apply it to their lives. Maybe you have been through a few programs yourself that you found motivating - but they did not have a major impact on your life. Is this your fault? Oh, no. It just probably was not a great system. 

Actually, it is a big problem of success and life coaching programs. Often, what coaches say is good and true. What they recommend you should do is correct. But converting the tools that enable others to implement the necessary changes into a product requires a different skill-set.

Also, a lot of rather shallow movies and programs led many to believe they can sit on their sofa, dream of a Ferrari and the next day it will be parked in front of their door. The Universe does not operate like a wishlist on a shopping site.

Mary´s approach is refreshingly different. She offers a structured approach that will work for beginners and advanced alike. It is a step-by-step system that is based on 40 years of learning and coaching. 

While the quality of success and life coaching programs differs, they have one thing in common: All of them have positive testimonials. What I noticed is that Mary Morrissey received a lot of sincere and raving reviews from other industry leaders. Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich (Sales Coaching) and many, many more. You will be able to read the positive reviews and comments of real people once you are part of Mary´s private Facebook Group that unites the participants of this program. 

Mary Morrissey Review

Before I elaborate on pro´s and con´s and the outline and deliverables of the program, please feel free to check out what Mary is about. When it comes to life and success coaching it is crucial that you "click" with the person and that you trust them.

The video is part of the series of videos you will receive if you order your free DreamBuilder Kit - which you can do HERE

How does Marys DreamBuilder work?

Neuroscientists have discovered that it takes 80-90 days until you can successfully implement new habits. Therefore, to successfully apply the new beliefs that enable you to transform your life, a program should span over at least 80 days.

Mary´s program is a 90-day system that delivers additional support tools for another 30 days. What makes the program different from many others is how well it is structured.

Here is a brief outline of what you will learn in the 12 weeks:

Week 1 - Dream Building Principle
You are taking the first steps to realigning your mindset for success. Before you can realize your dreams you need to dare to dream. And you need to believe that you are worth it. 

Week 2 - Building Your Dream
You learn to define what it is you really want - independent of your current circumstances.

Week 3 - Fault-Proof Your Dream
Do you dream big enough? In week 3 you will double-check that your dream is worthy of you (not the other way around.)

Week 4 - The Power Of Perception
You learn how to dissolve limiting beliefs from your thoughts altogether.

Week 5 - Increasing Your Feeling Of Self-Worth
In week 5 you learn how to create the magnetic fields that allow you to receive exactly what you are longing for. Most people are not aware that they carry self-limiting beliefs. These will be identified and eliminated in week 5. 

Week 6 - Environment Empowerment
You chose the right dream. It scares you. And it should. A goal that would not scare you, would not be worth achieving. Week 6 teaches you how to handle fear and doubt that are inevitable in the process of transformation. 

Week 7 - Overcoming Obstacles
You learn how to close the gap between your current reality and the life that will become your reality. 

Week 8 - Creating Abundance
You will align with the universe using the law of receiving. Consequently, you start to experience and attract people, ideas, circumstances and resources that serve your dream and goal. 

Week 9 - Expansion
More often than anything else, painful experiences from the past make us sabotage our future success (Emotional Intelligence). You learn how to master and eliminate those demons of the past. 

Week 10 - The Land Of Solutions
You learn a 5-step process that will allow you to change your conditions through your thinking.

Week 11 - Overcoming Failure
The road to success is not just plastered with roses. What we call "failure" is actually feedback and valuable information. You learn how to implement this way of thinking fearlessly into your life.

Week 12 - Sustaining Success
To manifest abundance that goes beyond material wealth is the last step of this program. 

What is included in The DreamBuilder?

You will receive:

  • A guide book that is yours to keep
  • Private Membership area with audio lessons for 12 weeks (downloadable)
  • Additional audio for 3 weeks
  • Weekly Live Coaching calls with Mary
  • A ticket for DreamBuilder Live, a 2-day networking and growth event
  • VIP support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to Mary´s private Facebook group

The Good

  • Methodical approach
  • Real people, real results
  • Works for career success as well as for personal success - even weight loss
  • Appraised by industry leaders
  • Very inexpensive (programs with similar deliverables cost 1k and up)
  • Mary does not just make money with teaching her wisdom - she actually created million dollar companies applying it
  • Extensive and successful coaching experience make this a better product
  • Live coaching and Q&A sessions multiply the benefits
  • Very active Facebook Group delivers additional support and valuable information as well as networking opportunites with likeminded people
  • Value of the free tickets to DreamBuilder LIVE exceeds the cost of the program

The Bad

  • Mary is a very spiritual person. I believe religion and success coaching should be separate. That said, Mary does not preach but teach so that it is not really a "con"
  • All audio, video and eBooks only available in English
  • No CD´s or printed books provided (downloadable content)
  • New courses every week (you could not get to the full program right away)

Final Verdict

Supposed you like Mary (people learn from people) this system will enable you to transform and shape your life any way you want.

This program is the real deal. Mary must be one of the most knowledgable persons I have ever met. Mary is tough and warm-hearted at the same time, making this program approachable and attractive for everyone - from CEO to Sales Manager, Yoga Teacher or Stay-At-Home Mom.

The systematic, well-structured approach differentiates The DreamBuilder from most other products on the market. The price of less than 500$ makes this a no-brainer.

The DreamBuilder delivers to the claim.

Where to buy The DreamBuilder

I recommend that you reserve your spot in the free webinar HERE.

If you cannot wait and want to order right away you can do so below this webinar replay HERE

Last but by far not least: Check out Mary´s My Morning Mentor too

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My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey

My Morning Mentor - Another LOA Scam?

Review of My Morning Mentor

My review of Mary Morrissey´s "My Morning Mentor", Life Mastery Institute reflects my experience with the second product I purchased from Mary. Without my positive experience with The DreamBuilder, I would likely not have bothered with My Morning Mentor. Read why.

What is My Morning Mentor good for?

My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey
We all have different passions and aspirations and are unique in our own special ways, but there is one universal goal that we all strive for: Success. Everyone wants to be successful, and in the ideal world, we all would be. But the fact is that only a few people are deserving of the "successful" moniker.

Why? Because successful people are exceptionally skilled? While that's true to some extent, it is my belief that we all are good at things we are passionate about, and being talented alone does not mean success. It cannot be blamed on luck either since "luck" is just your perception of your reality. 

No, it is rather a combination of attitude, determination, and approach that successful people share. Sure, successful people can be found across a variety of industries, and the definition of success changes from person to person, but certain traits can be found in those who are successful. These can be trained.

Repetition and constant training of the brain are necessary always. Successful people know and live that.

"The winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game."
Vince Lombardi

Click on the picture to read my article about the attitude that creates success:

What are your dreams?

To some, financial security means success. To others, wealth isn't correlated to success. In any case, successful people, however different their definitions of success and their aspirations may be, they all do go through the same hoops and do so in a very particular way.

Learning from successful people can help you to repeat the patterns, methods and thought processes that made them successful. Success can come to anybody; they just have to do the right things at the right time.

Mary Morrissey put over 30 years of success coaching into  "My Morning Mentor" to allow us to do what she did to become this huge success. Mary Morrissey is a very successful woman. 

Mary Morrissey is a famous speaker, bestselling author, and consultant, and has helped many to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her Psychology degree has helped her to keenly observe and compare the common traits of successful people, and over the years, she has been applying this information into helping others to get successful.

Go HERE to learn more about Mary and The Life Mastery Institute. 

What is My Morning Mentor?

5 Universal Laws

Most likely you now the 5 Universal Laws. Did you successfully apply them? The thing with success coaching and self-development programs is that a lot of them are good, but...

Here is an example: I admit that I was not fond of "The Secret" (both book and movie) anyway when it came out.  Now, looking back I have an argument. Of the millions who read the book or watched the movie, I am sure you know at least 10 people of the top of your head who read it. Have they been able to transform? How many of the were actually able to apply the new beliefs?

Does the Law of Attraction not work? Did all of the millions of people not take action?

A lot of good books, coaches and programs are facing the problem that while what they say is good and true they cannot deliver the missing the link that enables people to transform and create lasting success for themselves. But that is what people are looking for when they buy success programs or hire a life coach. Right?

My Morning Mentor successfully teaches you how to APPLY the Universal Laws. Have a look at one of the many videos you receive as part of the Free Edition to see what I mean: 

Brain Retraining

My Morning Mentor is a 90-day program. To retrain your brain and successfully implement new beliefs until they become habits, you need 80-90 days. While Mary Morrissey never even mentions this feature of her program is it backed up by neuroscience.

Over the course of three months, you will receive daily videos that will allow you to transform your life.

Daily Affirmations

Both the Free and Full Version of My Morning Mentor supports you with daily, effective affirmations, stories, and inspiration. Just like me you will soon come to love your daily email. The emails are not salesy in any way. Mary convinces with profound knowledge instead. 

In addition to the aforementioned tools, you receive a collection of analogies, tips, and observations of successful people.

Is My Morning Mentor Scam

Pro´s and Con´s 

I was thinking for a few minutes now about the con´s. After all, a review has to be genuine and truthful about both, the good and the bad.

I would feel silly making up "con´s". I did not find any. If you find anything negative about the program let me know. I did not see it.

  • Superior program 
  • 30 years of successful entrepreneurial and coaching experience put into a compact program
  • Does not just tell you about the Universal Laws but enables you to apply them
  • Discount price (less than a dollar per day)
  • More components delivered than you sign up for
  • Fast and competent presale and after sale support
  • No annoying salesy Emails
  • Fits into even the busiest schedule
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Payment plan available for this already inexpensive product
  • A program for everyone - from CEO to multitasking mum; from Sales Manager to someone in-between jobs

Final Verdict - Yay or Nay

Normally, I would not bother to review a program as inexpensive as this. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Not in this case. 

I have used and investigated many, many similar programs. While a few are good, they are really expensive. Many others are too bad to even consider. The free version of My Morning Mentor alone delivers more benefit and value than a lot of expensive programs. 

The compact form makes this program a tool that fits in even the busiest of lives. No matter if you are looking to seriously transform your life or are just looking for some daily positivity and inspiration. Mary Morrissey will not let you down. 

In my opinion, the low price makes this a no-brainer. And who wants to try it first can sign up for the free version. 

Clearly YAY

Will you sign up for the free or the full version? Access to both HERE

To learn about Mary´s "The DreamBuilder" please click HERE

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Review of Mary Morrissey The Dreambuilder LIVE

Mary Morrissey´s The Dreambuilder Review Live/Product

The Dreambuilder is available in two versions: A live event and a product you can use out of the comfort of your home. Also available are free tools that you can access below. 

Please click HERE to skip the Live Event Review and jump to the Product review. To learn more about Mary and her company Life Mastery Institute click HERE

Let´s have a look at the Live Event first: 

The DreamBilder Review Mary Morrissey

Life Mastery Insitute Review The Dreambuilder LIVE

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Like most people, you are probably living every day with a “someday” attitude. “Someday” I’ll work on my visions and dreams. Our dreams are way too important to be put on hold until “someday”. Now is the time to start contributing to your dreams and make a change! The live Dreambuilder event claims to help you do just that.

What is Dreambuilder Live?

Dreambuilder Live is a 3-day experience with the world’s leading teacher of dream-building, Mary Morrissey. In this dream-nurturing environment, you will be away from your daily life and able to align your frequency to create a vision and the kind of life you dream of living.

You will find your true purpose and move onto a path to deep meaning and fulfillment. Some of the greatest thinkers and inventors knew the secrets and used them successfully. They knew that to improve your life, you had to access these principles and Universal Laws.

Mary Morrissey will guide you to open doors you never knew existed and give you the necessary tools to build your dreams.

This 3-day live event is attended by business owners, physicians, entrepreneurs, coaches, medical professionals, authors, inventors, artist and more. They are all gathered in this nurturing environment to help support the materialization of your vision.

Agenda For Dreambuilder Live

Day 1


We all live our lives by default or design. It’s time to start designing. You will be guided through a success blueprint for life in the areas of Relationships, Career, Health and Time/Money/Freedom.

You will learn:

  • A test to determine if the dream you have right now is truly your innermost dream.
  • Get clear on what you really want.
  • Questions to ask that will unlock momentum, speed, and confidence.

Day 2


After you have created a blueprint, you will bridge the gap between where you are now to that outcome.

You will discover:

  • How to stop feeling insecure, unprepared and unworthy for your dreams.
  • How to get rid of the feelings and thoughts that are sabotaging your results, and helps you re-focus your thoughts on your inspiration.
  • Find out what you are attracting right now, and learn how to draw the things and people that will assist you to move forward, instead of holding you back. 
  • That one feeling that you absolutely must have if you ever want to make more money and live abundantly.

Day 3


Now you have your dream blueprinted and the spaces in your mindset bridged. It’s now time to start building that dream of yours.

You will learn how to:

  • Attract circumstances, situations and ideas that will enable you to build your dream.
  • Use your energy to create the life you dream of with less work. 
  • Create actionable plans to make faster, more consistent progress.
  • Access the opportunities and ideas that will move you and your dream forward.

How Much Does It Cost And Where Is It Held?

This event usually costs $1495 for the general public. However, for a limited time they are reducing the price by 75% to $289. That’s a pretty major discount. But, remember, this special pricing is only for a limited time. Order HERE

The next Dreambuilder Live Event is held on 

October 23rd through October 25th at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. 
Registration begins at 5:00 pm on October 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland


  • Direct access to the coach
  • Best return on time. Intensive, compact coaching
  • Inexpensive
  • Ability to mingle with like-minded people and grow your network
  • Delivers on the claim. Raving reviews by both, industry experts and change-makers


  • Only in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Limited number of spots available
  • No money-back guarantee


The Dreambuilder Live event is for anyone who is wanting to live their dream and stop putting it off until “someday”. We all know that someday rarely happens. It’s time to start building your dream and this is an amazing event to teach you how to do it. Starting with the blueprint, all the way through to building your dream, you will experience an amazing transformation and connect with like-minded people who want to see you succeed.

In all honesty, I really had a hard time to think of "negatives". Meeting Mary in person is an intense experience and you can achieve greatness in these few days.

It is the fastest way to get out of self-sabotage.

One Star deducted because it should be a tour and not limited to one city. A clear 9/10.

 Reserve your Spot / More Info

If you cannot make it to the live event, click on one of the other fabulous options: 

REPLAY OF A PAST WEBINAR (with buying option)

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Who is Mary Morrissey / Life Mastery Institute?

Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute Review

Who is Mary Morrissey?

Who is Mary MorrisseyHer full name is Mary Manin Morrissey. Unlike my other articles that evaluate more what a tool can do for you and which services/products and features are offered, I have to start this review with "Why can Mary Morrissey do something for you". 

You will read about her accolades, background, how she became filthy rich (and poor and rich again) and offered services later. In the case of this special Lady I have to put the soft skills first. 

Mary is
  • Trustworthy
  • Believable
  • Tough with a great good heart
  • Honest
  • Strong
  • Effective
  • Real (nothing sneaky, salesy about her)
  • Straight
  • Grounded
  • Analytic and intelligent

She is like a firm handshake. But let´s hear it from her friend, Bob Proctor, who might find an other expression than "like a firm handshake".

Mary Morrissey is a life coach, motivational speaker, and bestselling author for over three decades now. Mary also holds a degree in counseling psychology. 

Her current company, Life Mastery Institute offers several bestselling programs we will look into in a bit. 

Her achievements include:
  • Three speaker gigs from the United Nations as the National Co-Chair for "A Season for Non-Violence"
  • While representing the Association for Global New Thought, Mary achieved her personal dream. In three week-long meetings, she had the chance to spend time and exchange thoughts with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. They were discussing matters of the world and meditating. 
  • She met with Nelson Mandela to discuss significant international issues the world is facing. 
  • Author of several books, 2 of which are bestsellers. 
The full list of achievements would be very long, I picked out the ones that excited me most. 

Living Enrichment Center

At an early age, Mary Morrissey had the chance to prove to herself and the world that she can achieve greatness even beyond her wildest dreams. And that she is able to handle a setback. She says about herself:
Among all of my achievements and degrees in higher learning, my favorites are the two black belts I have earned, one in Success and the other in Failure. 
While Mary has operated many companies I think that this project is noteworthy as it shows her colors AND includes a scandal. And we all love to hear about a great scandal, right?

In 1974, Mary, together with her husband at that time, founded a church called "The Truth Center" out of her living room. As the church was not successful, in 1979 she started touring and offered self-development classes to churches around the States. 

In 1980, she founded another church and called it "Living Enrichment Center". At one point, they had their own book store on the church grounds as well as a kindergarten, retreat center, outreach television ministry and even an elementary school. 

The Namaste Retreat and Conference Center was started 1994. The most famous retreat leaders were probably Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jean Housten and Arun Gandhi. 

Under the brand "The Life Key" Mary (and her second husband) marketed audio tapes and videos. It was a million dollar business, the church had 4000 regional and 10.000 countrywide members. 

That project ended when in 2004 Mary was sued for unpaid loans. Also, the personal finances were not separated from the church and many loans were made personally to Mary. The debt sum was totaling more than $ 20 million. 

When in 2005 Mary´s husband at the time, Edward Morrisey, plead guilty to the charge of money laundry and soliciting $ 10.7 million in loans he was put in jail. Mary, who claimed that her husband handled the financial issues, did not get jail time and just had to pay a fourth of her earning until the debt was paid or for 20 years - whatever came first. 

I feel this is enough information to describe her energy, ability to recover from setbacks and phoenix-like abilities and it is time to move on to her current project. To fall that hard you have to have climed that high.

And right away she climbed up Mt Success again: 

Life Mastery Insitute 

Mary is the founder and owner of this institute that offers life coach certification programs as well as coaching and training for individuals.

This short clip self help vs shelve help gives you a first idea about who Mary is - should you not know her.

Besides my own experience with the programs, I am taking into account that Life Mastery Institute has received an unusually high amount of praise by industry experts - and not to forget satisfied students who recommend her for the success they achieved with her help. 

The main programs and brands available to everyone are: 

The DreamBuilder Program

Live Event
A weekend with Mary. Ideal for networking but you have to travel to Baltimore. 

This life-changing weekend is focused on 
  • Upgrading your skill set so that you can live the best life ever. No matter if you are at a low or high point in your life. 
  • How to make success a habit and constant in your life. 
  • Mingle with like-minded people to grow your network

Booking, more info, detailed review HERE

The Dream Builder Program
The profen system has helped thousands and thousands of people to manifest their dreams.

It is simple enough so that a beginner can immediately implement the principles and helps advanced, successful people just the same

For more info/to reserve your spot in the free live event/to purchase click  HERE
A detailed review is in the making but the best way to discover it is probably to grab the free DreamBuilder Kit below. 

Fabulous free DreamBuilder Kit
This gift includes daily inspiration (you can unsubscribe from at any time if you like), videos, and an eBook. It delivers more value than many paid options. Grab it HERE

My Morning Mentor

A unique concept of teaching you the Laws of the Universe and leading you to abundance and a happy life. 

This 90 day program offers you a daily 3 minute video. Each day for 90 days you will receive a short video. 

It takes about 80-90 days to retrain your brain so that the 90 days span is ideal. The price seems more like a tip. Even though it costs less than a dollar per day a payment plan is offered. 

13 additional free videos that teach the Universal Laws of Success make this a no brainer.  A detailed review is in the making.

Learn more, grab free videos or purchase HERE

Mary´s books on Amazon HERE


At a fraction of the cost of most other programs these programs deliver an extreme value. They deliver to the claim and over deliver. 

The approach is grounded, well structured and easy to follow. Mary Morrissey has extensive knowledge in combination with outstanding tutoring skills. 

The short video about "shelve help" made me think. I own dozens of programs from other coaches. Some of which are mediocre, some are of great quality. Those people are industry leaders for a reason. Great brains, great wisdom that helped me advance big time. 

Beside the approach of instrumentalising the process of dream building I have heard and know most of the things she says (don´t get me wrong. Repetition is a good and not a bad thing and the brain and mind need constant training just like every other part of the body.). 

What makes the difference? What makes these low-cost programs better? The person makes the difference. Is this the best or one of the best approaches I so far have experienced? Hard to tell. Because I like her and absorbing wisdom from someone you would want to have a beer with is just so much more effective. 

Mary - You have a Fan, Ambassador and Customer right here. 

I strongly recommend you give her products a try to see if she has the same effect on you. Either way I would love to hear your feedback - I bet it will be positive. 

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Ultimate Success Masterclass Review, Mind Movies

Is Ultimate Success Masterclass Natalie Ledwell Scam?

What is Mind Movies USM good for?

Ultimate Success Masterclass Review by Natalie LedwellWe all aspire to be successful, and we wish to achieve our goals. But most of us don't get anywhere near our goals and success is still out of hand. Sure, one may have some wealth, but the thing is, if you don't achieve your goals and become successful, not only financially, but also mentally and socially, everything becomes insignificant.

Without achieving your goals, you feel empty and while you may be in a stable place in life, it isn't where you want to be. You want to be out there, achieving your goals. For example, you may want to start a company, and may already be at a well-paying job.

True determination is to quit your job and pursue your business, but most don't have the courage to do so. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should be reckless, which can result in financial instability.

Is Mind Movies Ultimate Success Masterclass Legit?

The claims are realistic and the deliverables deliver to the claim. It is a legit approach to implementing the Law of Attraction into your life and achieving your goals.

In the last months, I have attended and evaluated a lot of success programs and found this one of best three. Many programs will try to convince you that you just have to sit in a corner, visualize fast cars and they will be parked in front of your house on the very next day.

This is not how it works.

What you need to do is to follow through on your goals, one step at a time, without compromising anywhere.

For this, I tried out Natalie Ledwell's Ultimate Success Masterclass and found myself impressed. Don't expect it to buy it and change your life just by entering your credit card number. You will need to implement its advice, and you will start seeing everything turn out for the better.

What this Masterclass does, in a nutshell, is to help you think clearly, focus and teach you how to move forward on your goals. It walks the narrow line between being successful and being reckless.

And this is done through a variety of modules with easy to understand videos, audios, mentoring and worksheets. Each module is a phase in the process, and once you complete a module, you are that much better than before to take on challenges.

I do like that extensive free options are available that can stand on its own and that allow you to form an educated opinion on whether this program is right for you.

At the point of this review (gifts and bonuses are subject to changes) you will receive a $97 gift just for attending the free live event. At this time, you also receive a generous gift just for signing up to the live seminar.

The main points of the program are:

  • Allows you to discover your limiting beliefs and teaches how to eliminate them. 
  • Techniques that will allow you to replace limiting (negative) beliefs with positive reinforcement.
  • You will learn how to make your desires and dreams your new status quo while staying focused.
  • Close mentoring by Natalie and other industry experts will make sure you will achieve your goals.
  • You will not just learn how to set goals. You will learn how to see them through. 

What is included in the USM program?

With four major phases to master over 90 days, the Ultimate Success Masterclass consists of a modular system with exercises after each module, that allow you to see where you are standing.

Should you ever run into problems, you will be thankful for Natalie lurking around the forums, always ready to help out. You will not need to spend a lot of time doing it, since a mere 10 minutes each day can help you become stronger mentally and better-equipped to achieve your goals.

You will receive:

  • Video Lessons, eBooks, mp3 audio files, worksheets. It is an extensive 12-module set. 
  • Access to a private member forum where you can mastermind with a very active community of like-minded achievers.
  • Weekly Seminars with Natalie. Those contain Q&A sessions, where you will get answers to your individual questions. 
  • Email, Phone or Text support from Natalie (Yes. Not some Zendesk person who has no idea). 

The current bonuses include: 
  • Mind Movies. Mind Movies is a world famous revolutionary creation kit and comes with an extensive library of motivating images, powerful affirmations, and inspirational music. With this tool, you can create your own vision board or just get clear on your desires and goals for the future

Bonuses are subject to changes and you will receive more bonuses than mentioned here. Full list of current bonuses: 
Mind Movies Ultimate Success Masterclass


  • Personal support from Natalie
  • Evidence proven methods that have helped thousands and thousands of people
  • Access to a lively community with like-minded people
  • The Masterclass doesn't just cover how to be successful but also has some great tips on stress management
  • Truly outstanding support. You get answers by real people sometimes in as soon as 30 minutes. Live phone support is available as well. 
  • 60-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee
  • Payment plan available


  • The program requires that you put in a bit of work to implement the changes
  • Only available in English 


Ultimate Success Masterclass is a set of tools that will allow you to change your life for the better and take control for your fate.

I found it very inexpensive in relation to the large set of deliverables. Natalie is a completely believable, grounded, likable person. Her positive energy and aura sets her apart from many other industry experts.

Besides the quality of the product what stands out is the level and speed of support, that is way over the industry average. I am sure you have had it happen too that you purchase a success program and later find out that the support is just bad.

Maybe you felt like: YOU want to teach me how to create a successful business and about positivity when you are not even willing or able to handle customers support request?

In my personal opinion, this program is awesome for women who want to improve on any of these levels: Success, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Stress Reduction, Self-Esteem. The personal support and access to the user community and even Natalie is an invaluable additional feature.

For the tough money-minded business guy, I would recommend a different program (see below) or check out the free event HERE.

Don´t get me wrong. This program will deliver on its claim. I am trying to explain to which type of person it will appeal most.  It is a bit "lovey lovey" and people who are into that will feel much better than with a rather tough program,  like the training suggested above.

Both approaches work. It is a matter on which style is more yours.

Does that make sense?

Currently the program is priced at $1.997. Make sure you enter through free event first (click on the picture below) to receive a discount of up to 50 %. The discount on the tuition is time limited so that it is advisable to act now.

This program deserves 9/10

Get access to the next free seminar:
 Reserve your free spot

If you are or are planning to sell any product make sure you check out this review:
6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar System Review

Free gifts from Mind Movies
- Success Blocker Quiz
- Episode of Natalie´s Inspiration Show 

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How NeuroWisdom101 by Mark Waldman helps you


Neuroscience a tool for Stress relief?

The biggest impediment to productivity is stress. Ironically, striving for more productivity actually causes more stress, and more stress hinders your productivity, leaving you in a vicious cycle. Stress can be really destructive and is the cause of various physical and mental problems. Most people prescribe medicines for stress, and yet others describe therapies. However, these two are on two opposite ends, and one is too effective (side-effects), and the other isn't effective at all. You need something in the middle, which can eliminate stress while not causing additional side-effects.
Another option would be to spend a 6-week vacation on a beautiful island and leave all stress behind. For one, most of us do not have the option to take a break like that and secondly, the stress would catch up with you again shortly after you go back to your regular life.

How Negativity causes more Stress

Negative thoughts are one of the causes of stress, and you need to eliminate negativity in your life in order to eliminate stress. But thinking of doing it is one thing, and actually eliminating negativity is a whole other ballgame. Negativity isn't something you eliminate in an instant. It takes some time to bring the factors into place that help remove this negativity.
Often, we are not even aware that we are thinking negative thoughts. "I will not fail again" is a very negative thought giving your brain all of the wrong signals.

Positive thinking can be (re-)learned.

Once again, you need a cure for negativity, which in turn would cure your stress. While yes, there are measures that help you reduce your stress, they are all temporary. They don't eliminate the stress, but they reduce the effects of it. For example, think of stress as a tree. You can keep cutting the branches of the tree, but over time, these branches will grow back.
If you attack the root, however, the tree does not grow back. Similarly, stress has effects, and you can reduce these effects, but they will keep coming back. But if you eliminate the root problems themselves, stress is eliminated. You feel fresher. More positive. More productive.And all this can be done by a little brain training. Basically, you need a way to help your brain cope with problems. A way to eliminate negative thoughts. A way towards a more positive lifestyle that empowers you, and more importantly, a lifestyle without stress.

What NeuroWisdom101 brings to the table

Here is why I recommend Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom101: With in-depth neuroscience researcher Mark Robert Waldman at its helm, and it using various brain techniques and exercises over a period of 8 weeks, you can really eliminate the root causes of your stress.
Indeed, these techniques are scientific in nature and have been derived from years of research, and thousands of satisfied customers are a testament to the effectiveness of Neuroscience 101. Without stress, you can lead a better life, physically, mentally and socially. You see, stress doesn't just strain you mentally, but its effects pass down physically, and guess what happens when you are physically and mentally drained? Your social and work life is affected. Stress creeps into every part of your life Indeed, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a treatment that is just temporary, why not spend money on a treatment that is more permanent and more effective, and more importantly, doesn't have any side-effects? Forget medicines. Forget therapies. Forget everything else. You do not need it.
Train your brain using Neuroscience 101. It is backed up by a money-back-guarantee and Mark Waldman explicitly asks for you to return it if it is not the best neuro scientific program you have ever discovered.
You have nothing to lose - but a lot to gain.

Where to get NeuroWisdom101

A free e-book is available for you (look on the side of this blog).
Or go directly to the program: HEREMark Waldman´s TEDx speech:

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Social Cognitive Neuroscience – NeuroWisdom 101 Mark Waldman

NeuroWisdom 101 and Cognitive Neuroscience

There are many places where you might have heard of or met renown neuroscientist Mark Waldman.
Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Mark Waldman
I first met him as one of the coaches in John Assaraf´s program Winning the Game of Money Game of Money. Soon I learned that Mark Waldman is not only a leader in neurosciences but also a splendid coach. I dug deeper into his offering and here is what I learned:
Do you find yourself a little bit in the question below?
Do fear and stress dominate your thoughts and feelings? Does it take control of your life and affect your actions every day? These things can leave you paralyzed and feel trapped.
Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom might be the answer. Let us have a closer look at how NeuroWisdom 101 will help break with counterproductive thinking and aid in eliminating negative thoughts about yourself that are holding you back.

What Is Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom 101?

This revolutionary program was created by Mark Robert Waldman, who is a leader in neuroscience research.
NeuroWisdom 101 is the direct result of 10 years of his research in discovering ways to improve brain health and the most efficient way to do this. It has 58 Simple Micro-Exercises that help you replace the self-limiting fears and doubts with emotional resilience, positivity, and work satisfaction.It is based on a model of human awareness the incorporates over 31,000 studies from renown institutes like the National Library of Medicine. This program teaches you how to access increasingly higher states of consciousness and brain activity, This program will teach you how to apply core strategies of cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and brain-training to all aspects of your life.
Mark Waldman put together a collection of meditations, exercises, and lessons that are proven scientifically to improve all areas of perception, memory, cognition, and also improve your health.
Some of the things you will learn with this program are:
  • Turning obstacles into allies
  • Improve the effectiveness and quality of your meditation
  • Learn how to deal with difficult emotions
  • Reduce your physical pain
  • Increase your work productivity
  • Learn how to eliminate stress and worry
  • Helps to find happiness
  • Improve your relationships
Some of the other great things that you will experience with NeuroWisdom101 are:
You will
  • Discover purpose and your true meaning in life
  • Change your negativity into dedicated optimism
  • Acquire more peace and joy in your life
  • Get rid of worry, self-doubt, and stress
  • Build cooperation and trust with other people
  • Improve communication at work and home
  • Optimize neural functioning, life satisfaction, and longevity
  • Discover and use the intuitive wisdom and creativity of your brain

Why NeuroWisdom 101 for social cognitive neuroscience?

Our brains have well over 85 billion neurons that are continually connecting and disconnecting every day. What I think is fascinating, is a slight part of our frontal lobes, handle our self-awareness and the many choices we make. However, what we believe and think has the power to change the functioning and structure of other parts of our brain.
Pain, hurt, failure cause certain neuronal pathways to form that force us to react a certain way. This way is often counterproductive and also referred to as Emotional Intelligence.

New neuronal pathways will be formed

This 8-week program will enable you to change your mindset to experience more happiness, mindfulness, positivity and be more accepting of others, yourself and circumstances. By committing to your daily goals, you will be able to make decisions based on your core values. It will help you to deepen your meditative state at any moment and realize that the words “I’ve changed my mind” has a whole new meaning. This is the ONE brain training program that is
  • Endorsed by leading universities
  • Based on extensive research
  • Endorsed by peer-reviewed studies and worldwide experts
  • Guaranteed to improve clarity, mood, and performance
  • Working with only investing 20 minutes a day for eight weeks
People spend thousands of dollars each year on business coaches and therapists that take months and years to complete. With NeuroWisdom101, you will permanently change your brain and life in just eight weeks. I highly recommend this program if you want to eliminate those inner voices that keep you from having it all and transform your mindset today.
The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and on your right (side of this post) you will find a free eBook as well.
30-day money back? Yawn...everyone offers that. Here is the difference in Mark Waldman´s: He wants you to return the program if it is not the BEST program you have ever used.
If you already know that this program is what you need and for even more information click on the brain below:
 NeuroWisdom101 Mark Waldman
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