Review of Tai Lopez 67 steps

67 steps is real!

We are all tempted by headlines that read “Become Rich In Three Easy Steps” or “ Lose 20 Pounds Overnight”. Many of these promises are designed to hook you and get you to buy something. They always lure you in but rarely deliver on their promises.

Today I am reviewing a program called “Tai Lopez 67 Steps” to help you decide if this is the real deal.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez says he is a student in life and became a self-made millionaire when he was in his 20’s. He has done this by using everything he has learned through life experiences. He is honest about the fact that he found people mentoring him to success.

Currently, 12 multimillion dollar businesses have been founded by him (claim). He lives in Hollywood Hills, loves expensive cars and is now investing his life to helping others create their own successful businesses and to achieve their life goals.

Tai Lopez has one of the largest book review sites and made it to the top without a formal education. He shares with us that he was doing really bad until he found a “millionaire mentor” that mentored him to success.

His breakthrough was his appearance on TEDx, the video has been watched over 1M times by now.


What did he do before 67 steps?

In Germany, we have a saying that would translate like this: “I was young and needed the money “ *wink*

His published two books in 2012.

If something, his prior work makes Tai Lopez even more believable. I can see him writing those books on the sofa (more about the sofa later) he was sleeping on until a while ago.

After all, it is not about not making mistakes, right? But about learning from them, growing and improving. Not the fastest wins the race but the one who executes.

What is the 67 steps program?

I’m sure you are wondering why there are 67 steps and not 68 or 66. It has been scientifically proven that it takes approximately 66 days for one to rewire your brain. 1 he added for “good luck”. Each video is designed to be listened to at the rate of one per day.

In his teachings, he voices his belief that we should go to the “source”. This basically means that each one of us learns from someone else. He takes hard concepts for outstanding people in our history and simplifies them to make it fairly easy for people to understand.

He brings up the very important point that what we are is strongly influenced by the people we surround us with.

67 steps is a grounded practical guide that walks you through all the steps needed to be more successful at reaching your goals.

Also, he does not hide the fact that YOU still are the one having to walk the walk and that you will not get rich or thin without executing.


The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez uncovers how you can utilize a device to be productive and create your life to shape it into excellence. Each of the steps will guide you through the methods and include some beautiful images that are enjoyable and entertaining.

Tai Lopez 67 Steps helps guide you to a better future by implementing the 67 steps into your daily life. People are giving this product an overall great satisfaction rating and highly sing its praises.

Today, millions of dollars are being spent every year on testing, enhancing, and tweaking the perfect method to achieve success. Tai Lopez has perfected this and delivers it in an easy step-by-step guide. It uses simple English language without the overcomplicated vocabulary, which ultimately makes this product easy to follow.

What I liked best is that it is in the top 70 % of effective techniques that I have come across. The lessons are web-based and are utilized by people all over the world.

You get access to a lot of free features and content. The product for sale is a membership, billed monthly. I feel that could have been made clearer at an earlier point. You will have to watch a really long video to find out about that.

Many negative reviews are reflecting that the people felt cheated. Legally, Tai Lopez did nothing wrong. The fine print clearly stated (and it was not like super small or hard to find) that it is a monthly billable membership. Still, I feel if you have something good just be upfront about it.

Especially a great Sales guy like Tai Lopez knows how people tick and it comes across a bit of trying to hide the fact of the membership.

This program in my opinion is definitely worth the monthly fee. Also, the freely accessible parts deliver a lot of a great value.

There are a large number of members in the community, you might even find someone from your neighborhood there.


  • Grounded approach
  • Applicable to any person of any age at any stage of their life
  • Very easy to understand
  • Step by step guide
  • Likable person that comes across honest
  • Support of a large community
  • Many raving reviews
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cancellations are being made easy
  • Instant download / access
  • Applies to all aspects of your life


  • Heavy upselling efforts
  • Membership, ongoing billing, 67 USD per month
  • Too simplified for some people
  • Tai Lopez became rich selling the steps more than walking them

Who Is This For?

This product is for anyone that wants to change their life in a positive way. It is highly useful for people who want to be successful in their own business and increase their profits. The 67 Steps By Tai Lopez is for anyone that wants happiness, wealth, health and love in their lives.

In my eyes, it is especially useful for people in sales related positions.


This is definitely for real. For me, the affordability and quality were very persuasive features of this product. If you want to be successful in life and your business, I highly recommend you give Tai Lopez 67 Steps a try.

60 minutes a day invested in changing your life will be the best thing you have ever done. Try it today and get started on a better and more successful life.

Especially useful for anyone in a sales profession. An important question to ask with every guru is: Did he become rich using his own techniques or did he get rich selling them.

In my opinion, Tai Lopez has achieved great things. I respect that, applaud him for that and I feel he can be very proud of his career.

I am also convinced, that Tai Lopez has a very clever mind and is also someone who executes. That said, I doubt that he “made it” through his program. He made it by selling his program. BUT many people have made it with the help of this program.

Buy or not?


Both, the free tools, and the membership have a lot of benefits. Many people have achieved measurable results with this program. Backed up by a money back guarantee it is basically zero risk. Cancellations are possible online, over the phone and via email at any time for full refunds.


Where to buy and find out more?


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