I personally find much of the popular talk about "Emotional Intelligence" to be little more than a formula for disingenuousness and manipulation. However, what I've learned through my consultations with Aurorasa Sima have proven to be a remarkable exception to that rule. For I've found in those interactions significant insights into managing interpersonal relationships, as well as a seriously useful grounding in solid reality. For these reasons, Aurorasa is the only EI coach whom I've ever felt comfortable in recommending.

Phil Friedmann, Managing Director
Mike Bosworth Leadership
Aurorasa Sima is a Success and Happiness Coach who teaches Emotional Intelligence. Of course, a great many claim to be coaches and just as many to teach EI. 

However, Aurorasa Sima doesn’t just talk vaguely about these things; she reaches into your emotions and behaviors and shows you how to change them in concrete ways that improve and benefit your outlook, your internal emotional well-being, and your life.

Although Aurorasa Sima has trained to do this, she doesn’t rely solely on reference to “qualifications”. Instead, she demonstrates through her interactions with and advice to her clients the deep reality of her skills in this field.

If you're looking for help in these matters, you could not do better than to engage Aurorasa Sima. Try her, you'll like her.
Aurorasa Sima is an expert in training corporate and individual clients to eliminate success blockers and create profound changes in their work and personal lives. Stress relief, goal achievement and increased happiness are but a few of the results of training or coaching with Aurorasa. 

Coupling her strong background in sales and training, with her knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, Aurorasa designs training programs that are cutting edge and produce excellent outcomes. Sima also partners with renowned sales trainer Mike Bosworth to provide a unique results based training called Story Seekers.

After personally using one of Aurorasa’s products, I can unequivocally say, she is a professional who knows her business. My results were outstanding. E. C. M.A. CWA, CWP
Aurorasa Testimonial Reference Review
After just starting Aurorasa's 30 day challenge towards a new better me, my improved Emotional Social Intelligence training with her began to pay off. As a direct to consumer territory representative, being genuine and friendly goes a long way towards aligning the customer's confidence towards my company and the custom spas we create.
I recommend that Salespeople seeing many people on a day to day basis take this training and practice to improve themselves. This is a proprietary program by Aurorasa Sima and cannot be found elsewhere.

Ben P, FL
I had the pleasure of meeting Aurorasa through another network and we hit it off immediately. I found her to be extremely genuine and very personable, which led to some insightful discussions regarding our experience with the sales process. 

Our discussions led from sales to coaching, which is her current emphasis, having chosen to focus her attention on mindfulness training and emotional intelligence. Both aimed at increasing the EQ of individuals as well as corporations. 

As a result, I enrolled in her program entitled "Project Phoenix," and have found it to be very enlightening. Who couldn't benefit from increasing their level of happiness and success? I highly recommend contacting her and discussing the program with her. 

Randy K, IL
Aurorasa Testimonial Project Phoenix
This feedback made me very happy. It is from a Lady that started Project Phoenix on the very first day. She sent me that feedback on day 28 (05/28/2016) of her journey. 

I am doing ok … doing better and better
My work can be erratic …. i am dealing with chronic pain ….
 Project Phoenix is really helping … thank you for your help !
this is all really helping
 Dr. C. 
I’m primarily an IT guy, and have moved my way into business development. I’ve had two failed business ventures in the past, and was working toward a third in my most recent business; selling a software product I created. I thank my lucky stars that this time I met Aurorasa because she has saved me from closing yet another business. I honestly didn’t think she could help me at first, but it turns out I was very wrong. I knew I’d found the right person to help, when she told me “If you have no time to do sales because you are too busy programming a new product, even though you don´t have buyers for the current one - I can´t help you.” 
It turned out that I hadn’t really defined who my customer base would be , how I would approach them; once we did that, and began targeting that person sales went way up! Now I have a new mindset, and my customer focus is razor sharp. 

Tom, Entrepreneur, London

After years and years of domestic abuse and incredibly traumatic experiences, my life was basically at rock bottom. I had finally gotten out of the relationship and into a physically safer place, but my mental state wasn’t great and in order to move on and be healthy I knew I was going to need some help. Aurorasa came into my life at precisely the perfect time to get me up and moving again, emotionally and literally speaking. Now I don’t let what happened in my past define me anymore; I have a new, wonderful job that fulfills me every day and suddenly I can see all these possibilities around me and have all these great people who are willing to help me in any way they can. Many of those people were there before, I just couldn’t see them through my sadness. Thank you so much Aurorasa for helping me get my life and confidence back. 

Sharon W. New York
When I came to Aurorasa coaching for help, I was desperate for someone to help me improve my life. I wasn’t happy with my career, my finances were never balanced and I was always tired, stressed out and running late, to the point where it was affecting my personal and professional life.
 While browsing online for some sort of advice on handling life in general, I saw this blog  and decided to give this life coaching routine a try. Now my career is finally moving in the right direction, my finances are geared toward my primary needs and responsibilities and my sleeping habits have improved significantly, which has made it easier to follow through with all of my commitments. 

Simply put, I enjoy working with Aurorasa, and I am very satisfied with the incredible amount of effort she puts into making sure that my life is going down the right track.

Steve, WY

My life had finally hit rock bottom; I was having troubles at home, at work, at school, you name it, I was unhappy there. I always thought that I was really good at thinking, and staying, as positive as possible, but it turns out that what I thought was positive thinking actually wasn’t; I was tearing myself apart from the inside with negativity that I had convinced myself was positivity. 

After starting to work with Aurorasa, she easily pointed out my negative thinking, and made me see myself, and the way I perceive others and their emotions, in a totally new way. She was able to help me shatter all the walls I’d built around myself, and she even helped me to raise my emotional intelligence so that I not only understand my emotions better, but I can also be more understanding of that trait in others too. 

Marina, Student/Housewife

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