Is your career worth the price you pay?

Let me explain why I need Lisa Sasevich  by sharing my story.

I have had my fair share of long-hour jobs that constantly made me travel. The kind of jobs where you spend your free time with prospects, colleagues and customers. Business dinners, fairs, urgent RFP´s, seminars and the after parties…
Lisa Sasevich ReviewsTogether with the fact that you are far away from home most of the time, friendships with people with regular hour jobs are very hard to maintain. Commitments to weekly classes are impossible and you will disappoint friends on a regular basis as you had to drop out of just another event that is important to them.
I will be forever grateful that I was given the chance to work in these awesome jobs.
But one day we were sitting in front of the villa we rented for our Tuscany vacation. A Sales colleague of mine and some Management Consultants from the “big 5”. We were talking business. You see, access to Managment Consultants who have insider knowledge about upcoming projects or other useful information are really great.
The beauty of the Tuscany was of minor importance really. For gratitude to be able to be in such a nice villa, drink best wines, enjoy the finest food was no time.
You get used to flying Business Class faster than you think and because you are surrounded only by people who treat you in a certain (submissive) way (in restaurants, hotels, at events…) you do not even realize how you change slowly.
So I was sitting there in front of this great villa working on a Consultant to give me organisation charts of two banks I was after and I suddenly felt the wish to throw myself in the grass in front of the house. And roll down the small hill.Obviously you do not roll down hills when you are on vacation with Management Consultants you will do business with. You cannot even wear what you would like to wear on your vacation, the etiquette (in Germany) asks for “Business Casual”.

Suddenly, I felt that I lost the freedom to be myself. And I felt very poor.

I took a cab to the airport, flew home and decided that I needed to change my life because my career did not make me happy anymore. I was no longer willing the pay the price.

In the first step I thought I could just do a “lower” Sales job. On the side, I took certification classes for Alternative Healing and Holistic Nutritionist. I went out a lot with my friends. But after two years, I was promoted into a position that required international travel again.

I relocated to the States and started all over. At zero. I learned English, worked on my skill set and my goal was to make a living with things I am passionate about. Things I consider “good”. So I started to offer Coaching. 1 on 1. It is great to help people, but it was not 100 %. Acquiring clients in a country you do not have any network in is pretty time consuming. Automatically, you fall back into old patterns viewing anyone and everyone as a potential client.

Deducting the time needed for the acquisition, post-sales and marketing there are only so many sessions you can fit into a day.

It was a great first step, but I wanted something even more different. Even more time for myself. More money for less work.

Three months ago I decided my English was good enough to start my own blog. How amazing to only talk about things you are passionate about, right? Reaching more people than you ever could 1:1 while mainly working out of the comfort of your own home. A dream.

Now back to the star of this post:

Someone posted the link to a free webinar by Lisa Sasevich. I signed up.

The Lisa Sasevich Webinar

I currently attend a lot of seminars, courses, and webinars. My expectation was not really high. Same ole claims…

After a few minutes, I started to get really interested. Lisa described how she got into founding her company from a very similar situation than mine. She wanted more time for her life while making more money. She was offering a service and was looking for a way to get in front of more people. She wanted to work from home.

Lisa was able to realize her dream bigger than she ever dreamt. And she has helped thousands and thousands of people living their dreams.

Meanwhile, Lisa offers a range of products. Find the review of her 6 Figure Product Launch, the first webinar I attended,  here: 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar System Review You probably guessed that I just had to have the full program.

If I would have to put the range she is offering into one sentence I would say: Lisa offers excellent Internet Sales Training and also offers a system with which you can turn any service, book or product into a bestselling webinar.

Two of Lisa´s  many customers mentioned in the Webinar are: Brian Tracy and John Assaraf. You probably have attended one of their incredible webinars so that I rest my case.

Let´s look at Lisa´s offering a bit closer up:

About Lisa Sasevich´s products

When you look at it in a more realistic light, internet marketing itself seems a bit impossible. What you are essentially doing is to approach a random stranger you have no authority over out of the blue, And ask them to try out a product or service that they may or may not have heard of. If you look at it that way, it is surprising that it even works. Of course, marketing has evolved from being as described in the last few sentences, and while the basics remain the same, marketing is just that: An art of convincing a total stranger, but in a much better package.But that impossibility that lies at the core of marketing pops up again and again, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Simply put, inviting someone to share a view that they are against or don’t yet have is an inherently daunting task. Thankfully, over the years various marketing experts have tested out a wide range of techniques on consumers, and it isn’t as haphazard as it used to be. We have accrued a lot of useful knowledge. We have a rough idea of what works and what doesn’t.

So why are many people with great offers not successful and why are many scammers and people with mediocre and bad offers successful? Having what your customer needs does not equal conversion.

Lisa has hacked the code to being able to say what you really mean in way that the customer sees how he will benefit from your offer. All that without being pushy or annoying.

To further our knowledge, we need to learn from the bests. And who better than Lisa Sasevich who has attracted and persuaded millions to take up her cause. She has made various brilliant marketing packages to help you in just about every situation.

Lisa Sasevich Sales TrainingThere is something for everyone. The Boost Your Sales Training is teaching how to create irresistible offers and the Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp makes you an expert in the field.

Those wishing to sell over the phone or via webinars at “Brian Tracy level” aren’t left alone, with the 6-figure teleseminar system along with the Ultimate Telesummit Formula program satiating these needs.

There are other group marketing techniques, and those are packed into the Event Profit Secrets program that gives you just about everything you need to create profitable events.

The High-Ticket Selling Bootcamp creates rapid-growth revenue streams for you from home, and it is one of the best ways to have a sustainable income source.

You have even more options if you want to master your persuasion skills, and for that, you can get the Sales Founder Accelerator Training that gives you the best ways to convert a viewer into a customer. You can go one step further and talk with an anonymous Close Master Coach with the private one-on-one program.

What makes the programs even more useful is that Lisa covers every aspect. From list building to … you name it.

While a wide range of topics are covered by these programs, in structure all of these are the same: Easy to understand information, exercises to improve retention, catchy videos and more. If you want to become a better marketer, there is no better place to start than Lisa’s own. Indeed, she has got quite a few feathers in her hat, and she can certainly help you become a better marketer.

Instead of telling you the 13 reasons I love the programs for I suggest you check it out and decide what your reasons are. Check it out HERE

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