It's all about the brain.
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We help people to get better results in their personal lives and careers by increasing their emotional intelligence and quality of relationships.

Aurorasa Coaching Emotional Intelligence Training

I work with


Who want to increase sales and the quality of team-building as well as organizations who want to make sure of the well-being of their employees


Who want to develop the socials skills to lead without authority coach their staff, motivate diverse teams and keep their sanity


Who are motivated to retrain their brain and increase their emotional intelligence to live a limitless life full of success and happiness.

In form of personal coaching, onsite, remote and digital training

  • Emotional Intelligence Training and Empathy Training 
  • Default Mode Network Training and Personal Coaching
  • Brainwave Entrainment
aurorasa sima empathy training

" Rediscovering empathy and the profoundly human will be the biggest challenge of our century." - Aurorasa Sima

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Some of our Self-Coaching Programs

Project Phoenix emotional intelligence and dmn course
project empathy make an impact increase influence dr mark goulston course
project eagle emotional intelligence training for sales and business course

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